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Back to school, comics, U-N-I Free Album

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Break’s over. Now I got school again. Work and class and homework. Anyways, I think I am gonna take Intro to African American Studies. The reviews from other students are mostly really good. They say the class is really interesting and the professor’s really good. But they also say that it’s really hard and challenging.

That kinda sucks because I’d rather have an easy class. But the worst comment was the one that said that white males would be very uncomfortable in the class. I asked this African American Studies major and even she admitted that it could get uncomfortable sometimes. Now I’m not completely white, but no one can tell, so I’m practically 100% white. Hopefully it won’t be too bad because I think I’m taking the class.

Well, here’s some great comics I saw yesterday. The first I caught on DCR. It’s from Amazing Superpowers, a great site you should check out.

I once knew a dishwasher like that.

Anyways, found this on It’s part of the Secret Asian Man strip by Tak Toyoshima.

Haha, the guy reminds me of me. I really should do more community service. I’m too lazy, and I waste too much time. I promise, I will start doing more for the people around me. Tomorrow.

U-N-I: A Love Supreme

Hey, this free album just got released today. It’s by U-N-I and Ro Blvd. U-N-I’s a group I’ve enjoyed listening to before. Y-O and Thurzday are talented dudes, and this album’s banging. A real solid album for real. All the tracks are pretty nice, but some notable ones are: My Life, Windows, Pulp Fiction Pt. 1, and Calendar Girls. I like the nod to De La’s Roller Skating Jam Called Saturdays in Calendar Girls. Be sure to check out those tracks and the rest. 

It always amazes me when artists release free albums that are better than stuff you could buy at the record store. That’s one of the signs that something’s wrong with the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to great free albums, but it seems like this should be the stuff at the stores and the crap that’s sold there now should be free online… Because some of that stuff is worthless. Well anyways, the album’s available here on their website, and also here


Update: Charles Hamilton stole a beat.

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If you’ve been following the whole controversy, Charles Hamilton was accused of stealing a beat from Black Spade. When confronted about it, CH continued to deny that he took anything from Black Spade. Anyways, this whole thing was busted open on Fresh Selects. And now Kenny Fresh and Black Spade have provided video proof that Charles Hamilton did in fact steal the beat. Check out the proof here.

Maybe CH didn’t realize he was stealing someone’s beat. A friend could have given him the beat, or maybe he thought the beat was the original sample (unlikely, the beat had the original sample as an intro, so it was obvious that the actual beat was not the original). And then maybe he still thought this when he first talked with Black Spade. But over the last few days, it should have become completely obvious to him that he “mistakenly” jacked someone else’s beat. At that very moment, he should have apologized and admitted what he did.

Instead the guy kept denying and denying all the evidence thrown at him. This means either 1) Charles Hamilton is a no-good biter who denied stealing a beat that he knew he stole or 2) Charles Hamilton is an idiot who never realized what he did. Either way, I’ve lost respect for the guy. You don’t purposely steal other people’s beats. And more than that, an artist has to be careful and thorough to make sure he doesn’t accidentally do that. He should know where he’s getting his samples from. And finally, if you do steal someone’s beat and then you’re found out, you don’t deny it, you confess and apologize like a man.

I’m glad this stuff is over. And again, respect to Fresh Selects for shedding light on this whole thing and props to Black Spade for making a dope beat and then handling this whole situation in a respectful and tactful way.

New song: Reincarnated

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You might not know this, but me and my friends like to make music. All kinds of music. Lately we’ve been making hip hop and rap music because that’s the kind of music we like. And it’s so much fun. I’m not good at it, but damn, it’s fun. I love making hip hop. Me and two of my friends started our own group, we’re still working on the name, but for now it’s Lowered Expectations. haha. It’s good to not take yourself too seriously. 

Anyways, we were recording this weekend, and we “finished” a track. The vocals could still use some work (at least mine), some of it’s a little off, and some of the levels could be tweaked, so this isn’t the final cut or anything. But we just wanted to get something done this weekend. Anyways, I hope you like it.

Lowered Expectations- Reincarnated

if you want hear some of our older stuff, check out our myspace

Anyways, saw these awesome shoes on Evil Collector

Hare Jordan 1s

Hare Jordan 1s

Dang those shoes look awesome. I loved Space Jam, and Bugs Bunny’s the man. I’d love to get a pair of those Hare Jordan 1s. Click the pic for more info.

Here’s a sweet song I caught on Flawless Hustle.

Nice & Smooth and Pac Div- Funky for You ’09 (Smirnoff Signature Mix)

I’m really feeling this song. The original’s got its own charm, but I really like this version. It’s got a great vibe. And don’t get me started on the beat, 9th Wonder’s done it again. So definitely give it a listen. Pac Div is hit or miss for me sometimes, but with Nice & Smooth and 9th Wonder, everyone sounds great. I’ll see ya.

Charles Hamilton stole beats?

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This controversy just erupted on Fresh Selects dealing with Charles Hamilton. I don’t know if you know Charles Hamilton. He’s this “hipster rapper” who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. He’s made tons and tons of mixtapes in the last couple months, so if you want to hear his stuff, it’ll be easy to find it online. (Here’s his myspace.)

In terms of his music, I think he’s alright. A little overrated, and some of his mixtapes suck, but he’s got some good tracks too. He’s got some talent, I’m not gonna deny that, but his personality is another thing. Swag is one thing, but the guy sometimes comes off as obnoxiously cocky. Sometimes it seems like he’s got no respect for other artists and those who came before him. But I don’t know, that’s just the impression that I get from the guy.

Arrogant or not? You be the judge.

Anyways, he’s been accused of stealing someone else’s beat (here on Fresh Selects) and passing it off as his own, which is a high crime in the hip hop world. But stealing material is really a high crime in any world of art and entertainment. You can’t let people get away with that crap. Every artist needs to be original and respect other artists’ material.

He insists he just made a similar beat, and I can’t say without a doubt if he did steal that beat. So you should go check out the tracks on Fresh Selects, and decide for yourself. If he really stole that beat, that’s it for me. Using someone else’s beat w/o asking or giving props is dumb, disrespectful, and stupid. But then when the producer comes to you, and you just flat out deny everything and claim it as your own. That’s way too far. If he stole that beat, then I’ve lost all respect for the guy.

respect to Fresh Selects for shedding light on this thing. Can’t let anyone, especially someone w/ as much blog buzz as Hamilton, get away with stuff like this.

Mom’s Kung-Fu

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saw this comic at SMBC.

I love that comic because it’s just ridiculous. Just weird and random.

Smile- Slim Thug

Anyways, Slim Thug’s new cd, Boss Of All Bosses, came out awhile ago. Some of the song’s aren’t too bad. It’s pretty standard radio stuff, but some of the songs are alright. I have feeling this song would sound good if you blasted it in a car.

Last night, me and some friends (yeah, yeah, my friends and I, blah blah, blah) recorded a few songs. The stuff is sounding a lot better than what we did last year, so this summer’s cd might actually be listenable. I’ll upload some tracks once we get ’em finished.

Where The Wild Things Are

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Seems like this trailer is all over the internet. It looks kinda cool. The movie could be stupid, but it could be cool. I remember reading this book when I was a little kid. Major childhood nostalgia. Check out the trailer.

Can’t wait for DOOM

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The new DOOM (or MF DOOM) cd is out. But I sent it to my mailbox at school, so I won’t get to listen to it til Monday. Its killin’ me. I can’t wait any longer. It got a review at HipHopDx, but I haven’t read it yet. Every song’s online already, but I haven’t listened to ’em yet. I want to go into it fresh and pure, no corruptions. So I can first just listen to it myself. Cuz I love DOOM’s stuff.

The way he rhymes is just out of this world. I wouldn’t say he’s the best or anything, but he is the best at what he does.  And whenever you listen to him, it sounds so fresh and different compared to everything else. Honestly, there is nothing like it. If you’ve never listened to him, you gotta give him a chance. 

I’ve heard him called the Dr. Seuss of Rap, and that’s a pretty good description. Even serious rap heads recognize his ability. He’s gotten on songs w/ people like Talib and Ghostface. I heard an interview once where Lupe Fiasco said DOOM was the Picasso of rap. That is high praise. It’s also a known fact that Nas likes him. What I didn’t know is that Mos Def is a huge DOOM fan too. But then I saw this video (on DX).

Seeing that video, just made it even harder for me to wait. I actually have heard two songs from the new cd, Born Like This. It was a month or two ago because I couldn’t wait.

That’s Ballskin off of Born Like This. And just for kicks, here’s one of my favorite DOOM tracks. It’s off of Madvillainy, his cd w/ Madlib. A classic album, if you’ve never listened to it. Anyways, I love a ton of the songs on there, but for some reason, I’ve always really liked the song Accordion.

Yeah, he’s not for everyone. But as least for me, DOOM is outta this world. Maybe Mos Def was right, you gotta be kinda weird to understand DOOM. I don’t know. All I know is I can’t wait to listen to Born Like This.

Born Like This

Born Like This

click the pic.

see ya later.