End of the trail.

I had a test at 11:30. How did I spend my morning? I played Oregon Trail. In case you don’t know, Oregon Trail is one of the classic computer games from the 1990s. It’s really old and has really bad graphics, but it’s still fun somehow.

  The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

We were doing good. Family was pretty healthy. Had two sets of clothes. I don’t like to brag, but I was getting pretty good at hunting. We had tons of spare parts for the wagon/cart thing. We even had six oxen.

Six of these.

Six of these.

Anyways, I thought I was doing good. We were getting close to Oregon. Then one-by-one my family died. I held my son Hank in my arms, as he suffered from dysentery.

Hank had a future in Oregon.

Hank had a future in Oregon.

We were so close to Oregon. Damn it. Then after I watched my family die, I died of Cholera. It sucks. I don’t think I’m good at that game.

It’s not fair. We had dreams, aspirations. We were gonna have a better life in Oregon. But that damn game took it all away.

Oregon (well not really)

Oregon (well not really)

Well anyways, that’s actually a picture from a photoblog called Positive-Negative. Click the pic and check it out. Lots of beautiful pictures on there.

Anyways, a new Kooley High mixtape has come out. It’s pretty sweet. Check it out. Presented by illroots.com, mixed by K-Salaam, Kooley Is High.

Kooley Is High by Kooley High

check em out.


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