just went out for a walk

So I finished my last essay of the quarter today. That was awesome. But I also got that 24 page term paper back. It wasn’t good. Damn it. Writing the whole thing in 3 days probably contributed to its terribleness. But whatever, it’s over.

So once i finished the paper, I was so happy I just wanted to get out of here. And it was really, really nice outside. So I just went on a walk…for four hours. It was awesome. I walked to the city.

This City

This City

It was great just walking around with nothing to do and nothing to worry about. I went to a dollar store to buy a pair of socks because one of my socks had a hole in it and my foot was about to start bleeding (that’s not normal is it?).

What were you expecting? A picture of a bloody foot? That would be disgusting. By the way, that baby looks creepy. Like its got the devils eyes or something.

What were you expecting? A picture of a bloody foot? That would be disgusting. By the way, that baby looks creepy. Like it's got the devil's eyes or something.

It was a nice pair of socks. Then on the way back I saw this Mexican restaurant that only sold tamales. It seemed weird, but its tamales had to be real good. There’s no way that restaurant would survive if all it sold was bad tamales. Long story short, I bought two tamales. They were DELICIOUS.



Then I walked back home. I love taking long walks for some reason. I don’t know why, but it really relaxes me. Plus, its decent exercise. You should try it sometime.

What am I listening to? I’m glad you asked. This is a really cool song I just found on Flawless Hustle. It’s a real personal song, and The Native Soul said this about it:

“Ok. I’m saying it now. This is my true essence; a song with a story and a purpose. I decided to write something about insecurity, pain, and the real shit that alot of people unfortunately have to deal with in life. I recognize I’ve lived a pretty scott-free existence up until now, with a few nicks and scratches along the way, but I’m always reminded in tough times about how much more difficult it could be. You never truly know what lies behind the eyes of a stranger, or even a close friend for that matter, so assumption should never be a part of your vocabulary or your lifestyle. It’s also very hazardous to think you understand anyone or anything fully, because there’s always something new to learn from a situation or a person. I put Kenna on the hook since it was my inspiration behind writing this song, and I hope people like it. I’ve included the lyrics below and also made the track available for download. Partake!”

Understand Me- The Native Soul feat. Kenna

Check the song out.

see ya next time.


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