Sex Astronaut

haha, that comic stip is awesome.  It’s from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and I found it on Daily Comics Review. Both sites are awesome, so you if you like comic strips, you should check ’em out.

Coincidentally, me and my friends once made a song called “Sex Astronaut.” It was based on this big inside joke that I probably shouldn’t go into. Since me and my friends can’t sing or play instruments, it’s not real music. But if you don’t take it seriously AT ALL, you might not hate it.

Sex Astronaut – Obama Nation

By the way, our fake band’s name is Obama Nation… That’s another weird story I don’t want to get into.

Obama Nation.

Here’s another Invincible track I saw on Fresh Selects. I’ve really been sleeping on Invincible, and that was a mistake. This girl’s talented. If you want to hear more of her stuff, check out Shapeshifters, her album from last year.

Taxicab Confessions- Invincible (prod. by Beatminerz)

got a test tomorrow, so no time to make a video today. see ya.


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