Trouble in paradise

Got back from SIU on Sunday night and have been a little busy. But anyways, the trip was awesome. It was lots of fun going down there and seeing old friends. Lots of crazy things happened too. You might be interested in knowing that I did the stanky leg on a table with Megan Fox.

thats right, the Megan Fox...well maybe not really

that's right, the Megan Fox...well maybe not really

Anyways on the way back, I stopped over in Carlinville to get some chili. Taylor’s Mexican Chili. You see, my family’s been eating it for decades. It’s like a family tradition. The chili’s only sold in a handful of stores around the country, and I think its made in Carlinville. So whenever I’m in the area, I try to stop by and buy a year’s worth… I bought 25 cans this time.

Its amazing.

It's amazing.

The stuff’s amazing. I highly recommend you try it. Click the pic and check out their website. You might luck out and live near a store that sells it, or you can just order it online. Either way, you have to try the stuff. It’s not fancy chili with lots of ingredients or anything. It’s good, old-fashioned chili. No frills, just meat, beans, and deliciousness. After mangos, there are few things more delicious than a bowl of Taylor’s Chili.  

Anyways, I haven’t made a blog in a couple days, so here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at…

Saw these on Evil Collector,

The Jordan Prom Pack

The Jordan Prom Pack

It’s the Air Jordan Prom Pack. I don’t go to high school anymore, but damn I’d still buy these. They look great. Click the pic for more info as well as the other colorway.

Also saw this on Sole Collecter (great site!),

Playstations for your feet

Playstations for your feet

Amazing looking shoes right? I love gradients when they are done right, and these shoes look nice. They are the new Playstation AF1s coming out to celebrate the upcoming PS2 10 year anniversary. Be sure to click the pic for more info.

and to finish it off, a song brought to you by Fresh Selects

Waajeed (of PPP) and Coultrain- We Gotta Have Peace

Very cool song with a classic soul feel to it. More info about it at Fresh Selects.

I’ll see ya.


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