Charles Hamilton stole beats?

This controversy just erupted on Fresh Selects dealing with Charles Hamilton. I don’t know if you know Charles Hamilton. He’s this “hipster rapper” who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. He’s made tons and tons of mixtapes in the last couple months, so if you want to hear his stuff, it’ll be easy to find it online. (Here’s his myspace.)

In terms of his music, I think he’s alright. A little overrated, and some of his mixtapes suck, but he’s got some good tracks too. He’s got some talent, I’m not gonna deny that, but his personality is another thing. Swag is one thing, but the guy sometimes comes off as obnoxiously cocky. Sometimes it seems like he’s got no respect for other artists and those who came before him. But I don’t know, that’s just the impression that I get from the guy.

Arrogant or not? You be the judge.

Anyways, he’s been accused of stealing someone else’s beat (here on Fresh Selects) and passing it off as his own, which is a high crime in the hip hop world. But stealing material is really a high crime in any world of art and entertainment. You can’t let people get away with that crap. Every artist needs to be original and respect other artists’ material.

He insists he just made a similar beat, and I can’t say without a doubt if he did steal that beat. So you should go check out the tracks on Fresh Selects, and decide for yourself. If he really stole that beat, that’s it for me. Using someone else’s beat w/o asking or giving props is dumb, disrespectful, and stupid. But then when the producer comes to you, and you just flat out deny everything and claim it as your own. That’s way too far. If he stole that beat, then I’ve lost all respect for the guy.

respect to Fresh Selects for shedding light on this thing. Can’t let anyone, especially someone w/ as much blog buzz as Hamilton, get away with stuff like this.


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