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It’s Amazing.

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AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Please tell me you’ve been watching this series. This series is just… amazing. It’s one of the most incredible series I’ve ever watched. 7 overtime periods in 6 games? 35 extra minutes played. Countless game-tying shots in the last 20 seconds. It’s incredible. I’ve been watching the Bulls since forever, and I’m just so happy. They’re getting recognition, experience, and they’re making history. It’s crazy.

Game 7 is on Saturday. I can’t wait. Everyone needs to watch this game.


Blast From The Past

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So tired. Wednesdays are my worst days of the week which is really weird, because they used to be my easiest days. I got too much garbage to do.

So I know this little kid, you know, cuz I work at a school. Well anyways, she’s a cool kid, but she’s kinda weird. She just listens to really old music. When ever I see her on the computer, she’s listening to the most random stuff. For instance, I’ve caught her multiple times listening to Will Smith’s Summertime as well as TLC joints. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just catches me by surprise. Today it seemed like she was in a New Edition mood today. She was listening to a lot of that today, including this.

The kid’s got good taste I guess. Anyways, I saw this sweet Exile video today. The guy’s a pro. Just makes it look so easy.

If you haven’t listened to his Radio album, you should. He made all the beats using samples from the radio. Anyways, here’s my favorite track off of Radio.

I think I might’ve put this on here before. But it’s worth putting up again. It’s art, and it’s soul. That’s all there is to it.

So I caught this song on 2DB today. This is one trippy song.  I love it. Plus it’s got Genius on it. Anyways give it a listen.

The Drop I Hold– The Black Lips feat. GZA


Secret Asian Man

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just some cool comics from the last week…

I love the Secret Asian Man strip. Sometimes I feel like a secret Asian man. Half Asian, and no one can tell…


I know I always put up a comic from SMBC. But I love them. They are ridiculous. I only pick my favorite from each week, but there are tons of other hilarious ones. If you like ’em, click the pic and check the rest.


Moe 4/23/09

caught this on DCR. Got nothing to say about it. Just made me laugh. Click the pictures if you need to see ’em bigger. I know they are too small (the biggest weakness of this layout).

What am I listening too? Just some classic Wu. Method Man & Redman’s Blackout 2 is sounding pretty good judging from all the leaks. Caught this track off 2DB. This album is shapin up pretty good.

Method Man & Redman feat. Ghostface and Raekwon 

4 Minutes to Lock Down

see ya.

19’s the new 30.

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The school work never ends… At least the weather keeps improving. Anyways, I work at a elementary school. Tutoring mostly. And today, one of the 4th grade girls asked me if I had a daughter. I don’t, so I said no. She asked me how old I was. “19.” Then she said I should get a daughter soon…That was weird. I can’t imagine having a kid right now. I’m only 19. Maybe to her, 19 isn’t that young, but to me, having a kid right now would be crazy. I can’t even imagine it.

So I heard this song on illroots. I love, love, love the beat. And Styles P and Talib do their things. I’m a big Talib fan by the way. He’s having a show around here in a couple days I think, but I won’t be able to go. Sucks. But it’s alright, I’ll just listen to this to get my fix. If you haven’t heard his Idle Warship stuff yet, check it out, it’s pretty cool.

The Thrill Is Gone– Statik Selectah feat. Styles P and Talib Kweli

I love that beat. For real. Reminds me of Freddie Joachim production. Damn, I just realized I haven’t checked out that guy’s blog in months. In case you don’t know, Freddie Joachim is this real cool producer in California. He’s produced for Son of Ran, The Upstarts, etc. If you don’t know who they are, you need to check that out too. But anyway, check out Freddie’s blog, you won’t be disappointed.

Holy Cow. I had no idea I could embed vimeo on here. Now that I know, expect to see more Freddie Joachim as well as other videos on here from time to time. By the way, this is a video of “The Crystals,” a track off Freddie Joachim’s album In With Time. I hope you dig the production as much as I do. Be sure to check it out.

One more thing. A music video of DOOM’s “Microwave Mayo” I saw on 2DB. Somepeople thought this was one of the weaker tracks on the album. But I don’t know, if you ask me, this is classic DOOM.

my review of Born Like This.

Summer time almost here…

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Holy Cow. Yesterday was amazing. After crappy weather, then okay weather, then crappy weather again, yesterday was amazingly beautiful weather.

Summer time makes me feel fine...

Summer time makes me feel fine...

Feels like it’s already summer. I hope we don’t get any more cold days til Fall. There’s just something about summer days. I don’t know what it is. But it just makes me happy. The sunshine and everything. Damn, just thinking about it makes me happy. After a cold and cloudy winter and spring, the start of summer is the best.

Im so happy... well maybe not that happy.

I never understood why the sun needs sunglasses.

So anyways, I found this summer song on Flawless Hustle. The beat, the lyrics, the vibes, make me feel like school’s already out, like the sun’s already up, and like I’m already outside just wasting time. I can’t wait for the summer.

Summer Madness– DJ Spinna feat. Fresh Daily and Daniel Joseph

I also found this sweet new Kanye song on 2db. Kanye, John Legend, and Common? Damn, this song’s pretty cool. It’s great hearing Kanye rapping again. I liked 808s and Heartbreaks more than most people did, but even I still want him to get back to rapping. I’ve heard him featured in other songs, but this is the first song of his that I’ve heard in awhile. Can’t wait for his next album.

Magic Man– Kanye feat. Common and John Legend

oh by the way, I also caught this video on Flawless Hustle. Had to post it because it’s hilarious. Katie Couric = the next T-Pain? Only time will tell.

The Sky Might Fall

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Some cool comics from the last week…

Cornered 4/17 (off of DCR)

I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Some people have said my love of mangos was too much like idol worship.

another ridiculous comic from SMBC. That game looks intense.

and now two semi-related comics I found on

funny but depressing at the same time…

Luckily this one was more funny and less depressing. be sure to click the pics for more comics.

The economy sucks. I’m glad I’m in school, so it doesn’t affect me as much. At least for now. But damn I really wonder how long this’ll last. I can’t see it getting better anytime soon. To make things even more depressing, today’s Earth Day, so I’m just getting constantly reminded how screwed we are. But no worries, I got the perfect song about depressing conditions and fear of the future.

Sky Might Fall (Early Version)- Kid CuDi (prod. by Kanye)

I love the Kid. This music is awesome. I’m sure people have already heard this song, but it’s one of the best on the mixtape, and will be one of the best on his album, so I’ve uploaded it anyway.

see ya.

Damn it all…

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Damn, school’s rampin’ up. Gotta midterm tomorrow and then another the day after. Lousy. On the bright side, they were giving out free ice cream on campus today. That’s right. Free. Ice. Cream. It was awesome. I got like 4 little cups of it. At first I thought I had gone a little overboard, but I found out that my roommate had gotten 10 cups. So nevermind.

Delicious and free.

Delicious and free.

Turns out the free ice cream was for some like Save the Bees Initiative or something. Help The Bees Get Busy. Apparently honey bees are in trouble. They say the populations are declining at an alarming rate. That is crazy. Supposedly once the bees go, the flowers and fruits go too. Just like that Jerry Seinfeld movie where he was bee. Wait, what, you didn’t see that? I guess I was the only one.

Wheres Bee George? and Bee Elaine? and Bee Kramer?

Where's Bee George? and Bee Elaine? and Bee Kramer?

 Anyways, the point is that it would suck. I’m sure not all flowers and fruits would go away. But we would lose a lot. The bees need our help folks, so if you got the time, check out the site and learn more about the problem.

By the way, Kid CuDi’s mixtape, Dat Kid From Cleveland, came out yesterday (got it offa Nah Right). I really like this guy’s music. There’s just something fresh about it. Here’s one cool track, I think it’s been online for awhile, but it’s cool so I’m featuring it. What happens when you get Kanye, CuDi, and Common on the same track and then add that CuDi flavor? A dope track. I don’t love the Lady Gaga original to tell the truth, but this version is awesome.

I Poke Her Face- Kid CuDi feat. Kanye and Common

want to hear more? click the pic, get the tape.