Sunday Morning w/ Asher

I usually wake up later on Sundays. It’s one of the few days I can sleep in. But not today. I got an interview for an internship tomorrrow. The person interviewing me wanted to meet in a coffee shop that I had never been to, so I went to the city this morning to see where it was.

The city’s different early Sunday morning. A lot quieter than usual. But it was nice. Even though I usually don’t do it, I actually love waking up early on Sunday mornings. There’s something really relaxing about ’em (just like that song). Well anyways, I got an interview tomorrow, so I’m a little nervous. I better not screw it up.

Anyways, here’s a song I caught on 2DB a couple days ago.

Perfectionist- Asher Roth feat. Beanie Sigel & Rock City

By now, you all gotta know Asher Roth. He was on the cover of XXL.

Heres a hint. Hes the white guy.

Here's a hint. He's the white guy.

He’s been on Last Call w/ Carson Daly too. He’s a really talented guy, and not just for a white guy. Some people say his music’s a little superficial. Just doing drugs and partying. But that’s not all he raps about. Just so happens that those are his most popular songs, which says more about the American music scene than anything else. Anways, he’s talented, and he’s got personality too. His music also has a great feel-good vibe to it. It’s not always deep, but music that makes you smile and think about friends and old times, that’s some of the best music there is. So I recommend you check out his myspace, his single I Love College, and his cd. In his own words, the guy’s “nice.”

by the way, here’s a link to Perfectionist in case you want it. Just make sure you cop the album and support young hip hop.


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