Lazy Tuesday

Not much going on today. Got some work to do, but not too much. So it’s just a slow, relaxing day. I have even less to do tomorrow. I love the first couple weeks of the quarter, when I just push back homework and readings. The relaxing weeks before I realize that my procrastination is going to screw me over.

As promised, here’s another great track off Blame One’s Days Chasing Days. It’s the title track, produced by Exile and featuring Aloe Blacc and Beleaf.

Days Chasing Days- Blame One feat. Aloe Blacc & Beleaf (prod. by Exile)

Like everything you’ve heard from Exile, the beat’s fantastic. Everyone does their job on the verses, and the hook’s pretty great as well. One of the many solid tracks on the cd.

so when I die can I return as a glass of water

to quench the thirst for wisdom for my son and daughter

and maybe they can see the glitch in the maze

que sera sera, til then days chasing days

Here’s another track off of Asher Roth’s upcoming album (courtesy of illroots). If these tracks are any indication, his cd is gonna be fire. Be sure to check it out.

Be By Myself- Asher Roth feat. Cee-Lo

Oh yeah, last thing, I got some reading material for ya. Here’s an article by Ishmael El on HipHopDX. It’s really interesting stuff about the nature of hip hop music and its relation to commercial success.


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