Skinny, Scales, Blame One, Asher, Friday

A new track just came out from Skinny and Scales of Nappy Roots (courtesy of 2DB). I love Nappy Roots. If you didn’t give their album from last year a chance, you gotta give it a listen. It’s got some really great tracks.

But anyways, this is a cool track. I didn’t even know Skinny and Scales were coming out with an album, but now I’m excited. The whole crew just makes good music and really represents the South in a great way. Check out this track and also their album, 40 Akerz, when it comes out.

Wake Up- Skinny DeVille and Scales

And here’s one of the great tracks from Nappy Roots’ album from last year, The Humdinger.

Tons of great songs on the cd, for real. Good Day, Down N Out, Bead and Braids, etc… Too bad I wasn’t making this blog yet when it came out, I woulda given the cd more attention. If you liked No Static, be sure to check the rest out.

as promised, here’s the last Blame One track I’ll be featuring. The cd’s straight, so cop it if you like it.

by the way, I know I got some Asher Roth fans on this site, so here’s a track that was all over the blogs yesterday. It’s the 1st verse of As I Em (courtesy of illroots), one of his tracks on the album. Addressing his comparisons to Eminem, it sounds like the track’ll be pretty good. Listen and buy Asleep In the Bread Aisle when it comes out 4/20.

As I Em (1st verse)- Asher Roth (feat. Chester French)


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