Gay fish and Asher leaks


Have you seen the new South Park episode making fun of Kanye and autotune? It’s crazy. If you haven’t, you gotta see it here.

He responded in a real calm and collected way, which is cool. I would’ve thought he would’ve been more angry. But he handled himself. In the episode, Kanye makes a very “Heartless-esque” song called Gay Fish. Well, anyways the Sough Park people released a full version of the song (thanks 2DB). It was hilarious on the show, and it’s still pretty funny so check it out.

Damn, these Asher tracks are getting leaked like crazy in anticipation of the album’s release on 4/20. 1st I got the full version of As I Em (courtesy of illroots) The song’s nice. He’s constantly (and unfairly) compared to Em. Yeah he’s white. Yeah his voice sounds similar (sorta). But he’s a completely different artist. Listen to his music. Listen to his lyrics. Does it really remind anyone of Em? If it does, I think you need to spend more time listening to Asher and Eminem because there are some serious differences.

As I Em (full)- Asher Roth (feat. Chester French)

This second song just got leaked, and I caught it on 2DB.

Lion’s Roar- Asher (feat. Busta Rhymes)

Cool song, but I don’t like it as much as some of the others. It does sound a little different, which is nice. I also love Busta’s part. He makes the song more than Asher does IMO. But overall, I’m liking the sound of this album. The tone, subject material, beat selection, and guests. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like this cd is gonna be consistent, cohesive, and pretty outstanding. Be sure to buy a copy and support young hip hop, I know I will.

Anyways, it’s Easter weekend. I’ve come home to spend time with family. Go to mass on Easter Sunday as well as have an Easter Dinner kind of thing. I’ve always kinda liked Easter. It’s probably because I like eggs and candy. Did you know Easter is the most “candy-filled” holiday after Halloween? It seems weird at first, but it definitely makes sense. There are so many damn chocolate bunnies. I can’t wait to get my hands on some candy. I know the blog’s been pretty Asher-centric the last week. I can’t help it. I like the guy’s music, and his cd’s highly anticipated. But yeah, after it does come out, we’ll be back to more fair and balanced programming. I’ll see ya.

BTW, a friend of mine has recently started his own hip hop blog. Much more hip hop concentrated than my own. The blog’s also updated more often than my own. It’s pretty cool, so definitely check it out here.


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