End of Easter (plus Asher review)

 Ive never seen a more Easter-y pictureI’ve never seen a more Easter-y picture

So on Easter morning I went to church with the family. I love going to church on Easter Sunday because it’s the one of  the only days in the year my church has a choir, and it’s the only day they sing “Rain Down.” 

That’s the best (i.e. only) version I could find online. But anyways, that’s my FAVORITE church song. I only get to hear it once a year on Easter, so that’s why I like going to Easter Sunday mass. And they finally took the leash off the guy who sings it.

The guy who sings the main part used to go crazy. He would go all out, but then the last couple years, it seemed like he was holding back or something. But today he just went for it. It was awesome. Like one of those crazy masses on TV with the soulful choirs.  

Yeah, that looks about right.

Looks like my church choir. White and creepy. But full o' the Holy Spirit!

I also got some sweet chocolate rabbits and stuff. So Easter was pretty good for me this year.


So have you listened to the Asher Roth cd yet? I have. And I think it’s pretty good. Not all of the tracks are great, but definitely enough to make it worth the purchase. The cd’s got the right tone and is pretty cohesive musically. Looking at what people are saying about it online, a lot of people are complaining that he’s not that “talented,” that he’s corny, and that he’s not really saying anything in his songs. And I got a problem with some of those claims.

1. Talented? It depends what your definition of talented is and what your actually looking for in music. He’s got a decent flow, not one of the best, but definitely good. His flow gets tired sometimes in a way that Em’s never does, but its definitely not bad. Lyrically, he’s nothing special, nothing AMAZING I guess. But he’s definitely competent, funny, and unique. Name one other rapper who’s ever name-dropped Teddy Ruxpin.

The rap game would be better with more Teddy Ruxpin.

And then what are you looking for in music? A rapper can have the best flow or the most intellectual lyrics, but his music can still be garbage. Flow and lyrics are important. But in the end, when you’re selling hip hop or any kind of music, you’re selling the artist, his personality, and his style (vibes, tone, mood). Asher’s got enough of each that the cd’s pretty enjoyable, and I think it’ll sell decently.

2. Yeah, you’re right. He’s corny. I mean, the guy referenced Teddy Ruxpin in a song.

3. He doesn’t say anything important. Yeah that’s right too. Kinda. But it goes back to what I said before. No one (and I mean no one) only listens to hip hop to hear the message, to learn, to understand ghetto realities. Hip hop is music. Some music should be deep and conscious, and some should be fun and good to listen to. There are many rappers who have emptier lyrics than Asher. He’s got a couple nice concepts and slightly deep tracks on here. (He’s also got some dumb songs like “She Don’t Wanna Man,” which I’m sure some people will like, and “Bad Day”) Also, the guy’s being true to himself and speaking about his own experiences. It’s not like he’s a former correctional officer pretending to be a gangsta (that would be embarrassing). He’s a white, suburban kid. Some might think his music isn’t hard enough or he’s not relatable, but he’s just being Asher.

At the end of the day, it’s good music. Not everyone will listen to it, because it is “white people rap.”

I mean, even this guy said he likes Asher's music.

But it’s still good, unique, and something new. Not the deepest, but not so shallow that you feel dirty after you listen to it (like I do with some of the radio stuff). Undeniably better than a lot of the other mainstream stuff. Definitely give it a chance, and if you like it, support young hip hop.

Trackwise, I’d say “Fallin, His Dream, As I Em, and La Di Da are the best tracks. Some solid tracks. And then the worst, as I said before, are probably She Don’t Wanna Man and Bad Day.

Overall, 3.8/5

Fallin’ (my fav track)- Asher Roth


2 Responses to “End of Easter (plus Asher review)”

  1. Gym Class Heroes also name drops Teddy Ruxpin in their song “Its OK but Just This Once”

    Do your research son. I agree that Fallin’ is hands down the best track, with Lark in My Go Kart and Sour Patch Kids tying for second.

    • Gym Class Heroes huh? I had no idea, don’t listen to them much. Fallin’ is definitely the best, and you’re right Sour Patch Kids is a good track. I go back and forth on Lark, it can get annoying sometimes.

      by the way, checked out your site. That is a sweet Monopoly box.

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