DOOM “Born Like This” review

I just read this awesome DOOM interview on HipHopDX. If you’re a DOOM, Ghidra, Vaughn, Madvillain fan, you gotta read it. DOOM/Dumile is a real interesting guy. Plus, it sounds like the Ghostface collab, Madvilliany 2, and a new Ghidra record could all be coming out this year. That’s crazy. Well, anyways, the interview reminded me that I still got to do my review of Born Like This that I said I’d do. I’ve been listening to it on and off for the last week and a half to let it soak in. To sum it up quick: Not his best record, but still dope. Now I’ll break it down.

After the intro, the album starts out with Gazzillion Ear.  It’s a great start with DOOM spittin’ on a very DOOM-esque Dilla track. It always seemed crazy to me how DOOM and Madlib and Dilla seemed to just gel together like it was meant to be. But yeah, the track’s solid.

Next track is Ballskin, a track I featured on here a week or two ago. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the cd. Jake One clearly knows how to produce for DOOM, and the track is just classic DOOM. Next is a Raekwon feature, Yessir. It’s good, but I buy DOOM records for DOOM, you know what I mean. And no one can sound just like him. But it’s still a nice track and fits in pretty well with the rest of the cd. Absolutely, Madlib produced, is another good DOOM track. Above average but not a stand-out track IMO. Next is Rap Ambush, one of the best tracks on the album IMO. Also Jake One produced, just like Ballskin. The guy’s production is perfect for DOOM, and DOOM goes off on the track.

Lightworks is a Dilla-produced DOOM track that’s alright, but one of my least favorite on the album. Next up is Batty Boyz, which is the controversial track on the album. Some people will definitely be offended because the track is kinda homophobic. Personally I think the tracks kinda funny. In the interview, Dumile (DOOM) insisted he wasn’t homophobic and explained the thinking behind the track. “It’s not about homos. It’s about Batman and them. They just happen to be homos. It’s a story about Batman and it’s like I got a personal beef with Batman, or I’ll say the character DOOM, has a personal beef with Batman.” So that track’s not for everyone I guess.

Next up is Angelz, the track w/ Ghostface (or should I say Tony Starks). I love this track, it was released months ago though, so that’s made some people angry. But it’s still a cool track, so I’m cool with it being on the cd. Technically, this version is a little different than the version released before, and actually the first version was a little better. Less was more. Having a worse version of an old song is kinda lame, but if you had never head the other version, you’d all love this song just as much. Still a good track.

Track 10 is Cellz. DOOM samples Charles Bukowski, a writer that heavily influenced DOOM when making this album. Not a track you could dance to or anything, but still very tight and very DOOM. Still Dope is a sweet track. Empress Starhh Tha Femcee kills over a good DOOM-produced track. But like I said it, I don’t really like hearing tracks on a DOOM cd when there’s no DOOM. Still a nice track though. I didn’t like Microwave Mayo that much when I first heard it, but it’s growing on  me. Another cool beat produced by Jake One, it sounds like a harpsichord. DOOM brings the lyrics and the weird like he always does while also criticizing other rappers.

“Rappers like the gay club strip tease/With hippies on the yip sayin “hey bub grip these”/ They screamin for attention/ Deemin’ at the mention of a scary demon convention” 

More Rhymin’ is just another normal DOOM track. Average production and DOOM lyrics, not bad, but nothing special either. That’s That is one of my favorite tracks on the cd. He uses his Styrax Gum beat, one of my favorite DOOM beats and comes with his unique flow and lyrics.

“Can it be I stayed away too long?/Did you miss these rhymes when I was gone?/ As you listen to these crazy tracks/ Check them stats then you know where I’m at/ And that’s that.” 

I’m conflicted about Supervillianz. The verses by Kurious and Slug are straight. However, the beat gets tired after awhile and I can’t stand the autotune in the song. Depending on how much you can stand the autotune, it could be a good track. With tracks 16 & 17, the cd finishes off with a message from Bumpy Knuckles and the outro.

Overall, the cd’s pretty good. Lots of other reviews online said it was alright, but they were disappointed. I guess I’m a little disappointed too. After waiting this long, I was expecting the end-all-be-all DOOM album, the ultimate classic DOOM. This wasn’t quite that good. But it was still really solid. Less stand-out tracks, but actually more consistent than some of his other albums if you ask me. Overall I’d say: Madvillainy > MMM..FOOD > Born Like This > Operation: Doomsday (Don’t get me wrong, it’s his first and a classic, but overall as an album, its less polished than the others). Not his best, but DOOM’s still got it, and the cd still goes hard. Luckily for us, it sounds like more cds are on the way. Born Like This: 4/5.

cop it.

as a bonus, here’s another great track off Asher’s leaked album

Sour Patch Kids- Asher Roth


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