Better Late than Never

Haven’t posted in awhile. Sorry about that. Real busy with homework, work, life, etc. But yeah, in case you missed it, Big Sean’s new mixtape got released Thursday night.uknowbigseanfrtsend

Yeah, the mixtape’s good. So check it out if you haven’t heard it yet. It’s also got the album versions of some track’s that’ll be on his cd, so definitely click the pic.

By the way, I think Big Sean’ll be performing where I live tomorrow. I’m gonna try to go, but I don’t know yet. Gotta paper due the next day. A paper I haven’t started yet.

In my last post (which was days and days ag0), I was talking about Print’s new free album, Comic Books: Unlimited. Yeah, I’ve been listening to it these last couple days. The album’s dope. So get it if you haven’t. 

There’s lots of nice tracks (Unlimited, Superfriendz, New Krypton, etc.), and here’s a sample if you’re not too sure.

Harlem River Drive- Print feat. XV, Cocoa Sarai, P. Casso, prod. by EmAy

btw, here’s a video of Print explaining the album (that I caught on 2db)


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