Dang, that paper took me forever. It didn’t help that I had no idea what it was asking and no idea what I was talking about. So I ended up not going to the Big Sean show, had no time.

Man, I already got so much stuff on my plate, barely enough time to listen to music, you know what I mean? It doesn’t help that the Hip Hop game’s so crazy. I don’t think there’s any other genre of music where if you take a week off you’ll have missed dozens (if not hundreds) of new songs and at least ten new artists.

Look at this plate. Its freakin full.

Look at this plate. It's freakin' full.

For real, it’s ridiculous. There are so many talented people, and most of them release stuff all the time. Last week Print’s, then Big Sean’s, then Wiz Khalifa’s, and then Skyzoo’s mixtapes came out. Holy Crap. That is a lot of music. I’ve only listened to Big Sean’s once. And I haven’t had the time to listen to Wiz Khalifa’s or Skyzoo’s. Not to mention I still haven’t listened to the Diamond District album that came out the week before! It’s crazy man. I got some catching up to do.

click the pics if you’re behind too. (btw, caught the tapes on 2DB


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