Damn it all…

Damn, school’s rampin’ up. Gotta midterm tomorrow and then another the day after. Lousy. On the bright side, they were giving out free ice cream on campus today. That’s right. Free. Ice. Cream. It was awesome. I got like 4 little cups of it. At first I thought I had gone a little overboard, but I found out that my roommate had gotten 10 cups. So nevermind.

Delicious and free.

Delicious and free.

Turns out the free ice cream was for some like Save the Bees Initiative or something. Help The Bees Get Busy. Apparently honey bees are in trouble. They say the populations are declining at an alarming rate. That is crazy. Supposedly once the bees go, the flowers and fruits go too. Just like that Jerry Seinfeld movie where he was bee. Wait, what, you didn’t see that? I guess I was the only one.

Wheres Bee George? and Bee Elaine? and Bee Kramer?

Where's Bee George? and Bee Elaine? and Bee Kramer?

 Anyways, the point is that it would suck. I’m sure not all flowers and fruits would go away. But we would lose a lot. The bees need our help folks, so if you got the time, check out the site and learn more about the problem.

By the way, Kid CuDi’s mixtape, Dat Kid From Cleveland, came out yesterday (got it offa Nah Right). I really like this guy’s music. There’s just something fresh about it. Here’s one cool track, I think it’s been online for awhile, but it’s cool so I’m featuring it. What happens when you get Kanye, CuDi, and Common on the same track and then add that CuDi flavor? A dope track. I don’t love the Lady Gaga original to tell the truth, but this version is awesome.

I Poke Her Face- Kid CuDi feat. Kanye and Common

want to hear more? click the pic, get the tape.


One Response to “Damn it all…”

  1. maroonsports Says:

    I tried to see Bee Movie, but it was only in theaters for two hours.

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