Secret Asian Man

just some cool comics from the last week…

I love the Secret Asian Man strip. Sometimes I feel like a secret Asian man. Half Asian, and no one can tell…


I know I always put up a comic from SMBC. But I love them. They are ridiculous. I only pick my favorite from each week, but there are tons of other hilarious ones. If you like ’em, click the pic and check the rest.


Moe 4/23/09

caught this on DCR. Got nothing to say about it. Just made me laugh. Click the pictures if you need to see ’em bigger. I know they are too small (the biggest weakness of this layout).

What am I listening too? Just some classic Wu. Method Man & Redman’s Blackout 2 is sounding pretty good judging from all the leaks. Caught this track off 2DB. This album is shapin up pretty good.

Method Man & Redman feat. Ghostface and Raekwon 

4 Minutes to Lock Down

see ya.


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