Blast From The Past

So tired. Wednesdays are my worst days of the week which is really weird, because they used to be my easiest days. I got too much garbage to do.

So I know this little kid, you know, cuz I work at a school. Well anyways, she’s a cool kid, but she’s kinda weird. She just listens to really old music. When ever I see her on the computer, she’s listening to the most random stuff. For instance, I’ve caught her multiple times listening to Will Smith’s Summertime as well as TLC joints. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just catches me by surprise. Today it seemed like she was in a New Edition mood today. She was listening to a lot of that today, including this.

The kid’s got good taste I guess. Anyways, I saw this sweet Exile video today. The guy’s a pro. Just makes it look so easy.

If you haven’t listened to his Radio album, you should. He made all the beats using samples from the radio. Anyways, here’s my favorite track off of Radio.

I think I might’ve put this on here before. But it’s worth putting up again. It’s art, and it’s soul. That’s all there is to it.

So I caught this song on 2DB today. This is one trippy song.  I love it. Plus it’s got Genius on it. Anyways give it a listen.

The Drop I Hold– The Black Lips feat. GZA



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