Someone up there likes me.

I had a weird day yesterday. My school’s got this internship program, and all the forms were due yesterday. And I just kinda messed up the last week, because the forms weren’t ready. Friday morning I didn’t have any of the stuff I needed, and I was freaking out.

Then, out of the blue, my supervisor (for the internship) called me and said he’d be in the neighborhood with all the forms. It was crazy. What are the chances? I felt so lucky. If I ever make something of myself, it’ll be because of dumb luck like this.

So I thought it all worked out. Then there was this other complication, and I started freaking out again. Damn, I just got to learn to calm down. People told me the program director was really easy-going, and it wouldn’t be a problem, but I was still worried. Long story short, I met with him. And there was no problem. My forms weren’t completely complete, and my internship technically didn’t meet all of the requirements, but he said it didn’t matter.

So yeah, he was pretty easy-going. I realized why I thought he wasn’t. It’s because he writes all his emails in caps lock. ALL FORMS DUE TOMORROW! Damn, emails like that scared the crap out of me. If you write anything in caps lock, it just seems like final and absolute. For example: Cheese is pretty good. …or… CHEESE IS THE BEST DAIRY PRODUCT KNOWN TO MAN. EAT IT OR I WILL KILL YOU. Caps locks is just intimidating. Well, anyways, it all worked out. Dumb luck saves me again.


Caught this on 2DB. Pretty cool song. Cool Kids aren’t bad. I understand how their sound isn’t for everyone, but I think some of their songs are alright. Black Mags was pretty good. I saw ’em live last year. They’re pretty good. When you’re going for an old school sound, you also got to make sure you’re making it your own, and I think they do that. So check out this song, sounds like the mixtape out Monday’ll be pretty good.

Champions– The Cool Kids (prod. by Don Cannon)

You know how much I love Blu, so I had to put this up. Saw this song on NahRight, it’s a feature of his on the upcoming Tanya Morgan project, Brooklynati. Blu like always brings his lyrical sensibilities. Production’s good too. I hear a lot about Tanya Morgan, but I’ve never really given ’em a listen. They sound pretty good, so Brooklynati will be definitely something to check out.

Morgan Blu– Tanya Morgan feat. Blu

see ya.


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