Poison Cake

Holy Cow! I just learned something new about grammar today. Someone told me that you’re not supposed to use that and which interchangeably. That is supposed to be used when you’re giving important information about the noun, and which is used when you’re giving less important information, just something extra I guess.

I thought about it, and I guess that’s right. Here’s an example: You ate the cake that I poisoned. In that sentence, the poisoning is very important. Now try this sentence. You ate the cake which I poisoned. See? The poisoning just doesn’t sound as important. Maybe the poisoned cake isn’t as important as the cake I put a stick of dynamite inside, or maybe the poisoning isn’t fatal. Maybe your life is just insignificant.


One of my cakes.

One of my cakes.

Whatever the case, the poisoning just isn’t that important. Next time someone eats one of my poisoned cakes, I’ll say which in order to soften the blow. Well anyways, keep up on the grammar.

kids-gone-fishingSo the new Cool Kids mixtape is out (thanks 2DB). Stuff’s pretty good. Click the pic to check it out. Cool Kids ain’t for everyone, but if you like their sound, I think you’ll like this. Haven’t heard to the whole thing yet, but here’s a track I like.

Gold Links- Cool Kids

Also, another leak off of Eminem’s upcoming album Relapse (2DB again). It’s a dope song. Sounds like classic Em, and it’s always cool to hear Dre and him spitting together.

Only thing that bothers me a little is the voice he keeps using. I don’t mind it too much now, but if he does every song with this voice, I don’t know. I think I’ll get sick of it. For 3 AM, which was such a weird, but classic Eminem song, I feel like the voice fits, but unless every song is like that, I think this voice might get old. Just my opinion.

Old Time’s Sake– Eminem feat. Dre


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