The Truth about the Titanic

Busy, busy busy. In a meeting right now. They don’t know I’m typing up my blog, they think I’m doing important things. But, uhh, I never do that. So here’s some cool comics from the last week.

Amazing Superpowers

I’m sure that’s how it happened. (click for bigger pic)


I hate waking up early, but I always do because I hate waking up late even more. Feels like I’m just wasting my day sleeping. Like the world’s going on without me.


My friend once told me he was buying a wife. Thankfully he decided against it.

Click the pics for more comics. I also caught some videos on 2DB.

Spec Boogie rapping over the scores of his favorite movies. The whole project will be out in July. I’ve never seen all of The Warriors, but it seems like such a crazy movie. Damn I gotta get around to seeing that.

Just a video of Talib and Hi-Tek hanging out in the studio. Can’t wait for Revolutions per Minute. 


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