Blog 5-0

Wow. Can’t believe how many of these I’ve made.

Caught this song on Fresh Selects. Pretty sweet, so check it out. Oddisee’s remix album of Trek Life’s Price I’ve Paid is retitled New Money and is in stores this week. Support Hip Hop.

Break Up Season– Trek Life (prod. by Flip)

By the way, saw these shoes on Sole Collector.

These shoes are insane. CBillups Adidas TS Lightning Creator PEs. They were made for Chauncey Billups, and they might not go retail in the US. But damn, the Nuggets colorway is awesome. The front, back, and everywhere else. They’re beautiful. Be sure to click the pic for more info as well as more angles. Just reminds me that I need to get some new basketball shoes…

Oh yeah, also watched this hilarious video on Freddie Joachim’s blog.

Tubesteak is a beast. Be sure to check out Part 2.


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