Mom’s Day


Yep, it’s Mother’s Day. Just bought my mom a present last night, and I’m gonna spend today with her. You know what’s weird, she wants to go to this new Holocaust museum. I asked her, “Are you sure you want to go to a Holocaust museum on Mother’s Day?” And she said she wants to go there. She’s got these free tickets that are gonna expire soon, so I guess that’s how we’re gonna spend Mother’s Day.

School year’s almost over, and I haven’t done much this year. I know I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it. I’m gonna get motivated and gonna actually get stuff done. I got one month left. Gotta make it count, somehow.

casa bey mos

Well, caught this song online yesterday. Mos Def’s the man. I don’t love all of his stuff, especially all his newer stuff, but this is pretty cool. It’s got that Mos Def musicality if you know what  I mean. His new album, The Ecstatic, will be out June 9.

Casa Bey– Mos Def


A friend of mine called me today and asked me if I heard the cd. I had no idea it was alreay leaked. Stay offline for a day or two, and you just get so behind, for real. So I just got it (if you want it, you’ll be able to find it.

Yeah, it’s pretty good. He’s back. Like always, some of the stuff is an acquired taste. Just really weird, creepy, or disgusting sometimes. But you can’t deny the talent. If you’re an old Em fan, you’ll love it. Always freaks me out how Eminem can make me like a song about rape, murder, suicide, etc. But that’s the mark of a great artist, he takes these taboo subjects and ideas on the periphery of society, and he brings ’em into the mainstream. He doesn’t make them acceptable or anything, just makes them fun to listen to. Crazy stuff, I’ll prolly be featuring some of the songs in the next few days, here’s a taste.

Deja Vu- Eminem


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