Pirates, Chicken, and Cymarshall

There have been a lot of cool comics the last week, so it was hard to pick my favorites. But here’s a couple…

Moderately Confused off of comics.com

Remember those simpler times when pirates looked like Johnny Depp, seemed semi-homosexual,and spent more time making witty jokes than attacking ships and taking people hostage? I miss the good ol’ days too.

Rubes (same place)

Mmm mmm mmm, fried chicken. I love that extra crispy stuff. Did you hear about that new Kentucky Grilled Chicken? When I first saw the commercial, I thought it was a joke. I can’t believe KFC makes that now. Haven’t tried it yet, but I heard it was pretty good, so I guess I’ll have to try it.

caught this off CIDU

This one just made me laugh. Funny in a weird, disturbing kinda way. The Roses looks very concerned. haha


Just another SMBC comic. Ridiculous.

Yesterday, I also heard this Cymarshall Law song on 2DB. I’m a Cymarshall Law fan. His last album with Mr. JoeKer was pretty good. I also heard him on Pacewon and Mr. Green’s album last year, and I liked that song too. The guy’s cool, so definitely check his stuff out. Here’s the song Represent that I found on 2DB and also my favorite song off of Cymarshall Law and Mr. JoeKer’s album last year, Hip Hop In the Soul.

Represent– Cymarshall and Mr. JoeKer feat. Silent Knight

Live While You Can- Cymarshall and Mr. JoeKer


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