Red, Blue, and White Stripes

us flag

So I had a midterm today. Went alright. Considering the class is Intro to American Government, the class shouldn’t be too hard. But I got this friend from Singapore who doesn’t know anything about American government. So she’s always confused and freaking out. The night before the test she asked me, “What’s the Supreme Court?”

It’s hilarious. She knows nothing about America, and the professor assumes we all have a lot of background knowledge, so she just skips lots of stuff. Because of that, I’ve been helping her study before every midterm because the girl is seriously clueless about America.

Anyways, last week I featured a video with this song on it. But today I caught a link to the whole thing (Thanks WYDU). The song’s real cool. I cannot wait for the new Reflection Eternal album coming out this summer. Talib and Hi-Tek both getting back to their roots. Bringing the soulful, jazzy, smooth stuff like it was still 10 years ago. If the rest of the album sounds like this, it’s gonna be nuts.

Back Again– Reflection Eternal

I also caught this other great song on WYDU. The beat samples an old White Stripes song. I love White Stripes. Jack White’s a genius (Meg White’s talented too). He’s got the ability to make such raw, simple, but powerful music. And it’s catchy as hell too. This song’s got Mos Def, so you know it’s awesome. If you’re a White Stripes fan, you’ll love it. If you’re not, you still gotta hear it, because this is just good music. Apparently this guy did a whole project worth of songs sampling the White Stripes. So I gotta get on that and listen to the whole thing.

Ms. Doorbell– Adrian Champion feat. Mos Def

WhiteStripes + Hip Hop = Magic. For real. There’s a Pacewon and Mr. Green song from last year that used a White Stripes sample. Crazy song from a crazy cd. 

So definitely check out Adrian Champion’s stuff and download the free White Stripes remixes here.


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