Predators, Cory Gunz, U-N-I

Here’s some cool comics from the last week.

First one I caught off of CIDU. It’s from a place called Abstruse Goose. Lots of hilarious comics, you should check ’em out.


… I can see myself in your pants.

Bizarro Comics off of DCR

Check the books, that’s how it happened. Anyways…

Caught this cool video of 20syl on Freddie Joachim’s blog. According to Freddie, I’m dumb because I haven’t heard of this guy. If you haven’t either, be sure to get educated because this stuff sounds pretty good.

Here’s a cool song I heard yesterday on 2DB. Cory Gunz bringing it like usual. And the beat goes hard.

Time– Cory Gunz (prod. by Vinnie Idol)

Cory Gunz is a talented dude. I didn’t know much about him until I heard his A Millie verse a year ago. Totally killed Wayne on that song.



Saw this on illroots. Damn I love U-N-I. I had heard some stuff, but slept on ’em til that free album released a month or two ago. How wrong I was. Y-O and Thurzday make real music. Is the hook a little corny? Maybe. But I like it.

Land of The Kings– U-N-I


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