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Wu-Tang, Classic Movie Nikes, MJ

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Had a busy week. Internship and summer classes starting up, so less time to watch tv and play basketball. But still some time for this, check it out.

Buy This.

Another great joint off Wu-Tang Chamber Music thanks to 2DB. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS. Every leak has been sick, so I’m definitely going to buy this. This track in particular is one of the best leaks I’ve heard. Raekwon, Cormega, and Sean Price? You already know you’re going to get a dope track. All three brought the fire, and they perfectly fit into the classic-sounding, simple-but-banging beat. June 30th. Don’t forget to look out for Wu-Tang Chamber Music.

Radiant Jewels- Raekwon, Cormega, and Sean Price

Radiant Jewels– Raekwon, Cormega, and Sean Price

Dang, found another leak on Hip 2 Da Game. Another cool track, you know I always love horns. I just love this live, classic, Wu-Tang sound. I might not post anymore songs off this album because I feel like I’ve leaked half an album already. So you’ll have to make do with this until the album drops on the 30th.

Sound The Horns– Inspectah Deck, Sadat X, and U-God

On Sole Collector, a sweet Hyperize colorway inspired by the classic movie White Men Can’t Jump and the character Sidney Deane. Damn these are beautiful. You know I have never seen all of that movie. I really gotta get around to it sometime. Maybe one day while I’m being broke and dreaming about these shoes, I can watch the movie.

Caught these on Evil Collector, some Jordans commemorating the anniversary of Do The Right Thing. Another awesome shoe inspired by an awesome movie, except this time I’ve seen the movie. Damn that was a good movie. R.I.P. Radio Raheem. Anyways, a simple metallic green colorway. Pretty classy. Be sure to click the pics for more info and pictures.


By the way, R.I.P. Michael Jackson. Older people than me have already said everything better than I could, but I’ll give it a shot.

By the time I started listening to music, the Age of Michael Jackson was already over. Growing up in the 90s, I didn’t listen to much 80s music, but Michael’s music seemed to still be everywhere. Everyone my age knew Thriller, and almost everyone had heard Billie Jean and Beat It. When I was in grade school, there was this short Thriller fad when everyone borrowed Thriller from the video store and tried to learn the dance. And though the music had its own unique sound distinct from the 90s music I was raised on, it had this timeless quality too. As I grew older, I realized how many great songs he actually made, and it was pretty amazing.

He was a music and pop culture icon with overwhelming popularity, and there are few artists you can compare him to. Lil Wayne wishes he had the popularity that Michael did, and no one really does. Anyways, the guy will be missed. When I first heard he died, I couldn’t believe it. Even though he just passed away, Michael Jackson’s immortal. He will live on through his music. His music and videos will go on forever as milestones in American music history. R.I.P. MJ.


Bulls NBA Draft Review + Music

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The Big Night

Alright the draft was tonight. If you’re not a NBA fan, then you won’t know what I’m talking about, so you can just skip to the hip hop stuff. But anyways, I’ve been a Bulls fan my whole life, so here’s my thoughts on how their draft went…

James Johnson

With the 16th pick they got James Johnson…Eh, yeah he’s pretty good. I’m not against this pick. It was decent, but I’m just not in love with it. I really wanted to Bulls to try to trade up and get Gerald Henderson. It was rumored that they were trying to do that, and I don’t know what happened, but this wasn’t a bad pick. James Johnson’s pretty talented. He can be pretty versatile on offense, and that’s something we need in a power forward. He can also play SF which is important if we lose Ben Gordon and Salmons moves to SG. But still, I would’ve preferred Gerald Henderson.

Taj Gibson

Now with the 26th pick… we got Taj Gibson. Damn it. What the heck??? No offense to Taj Gibson, he’s talented, athletic, good on defense, but we don’t need him. We don’t need another athletic power forward who’s raw on the offensive side. Now he’s not as raw as Noah or Thomas when we drafted them, but he’s not someone we can trust on the block either. It’s an okay pick, until you consider the people we passed up. Then it becomes a stupid pick, not because he sucks, but because there were much better fits.

DeJuan Blair

First off, DeJuan Blair was still available. And he was available for a long time (am I the only one who thinks that’s crazy?). He was a star in college basketball. He’s got a bigger heart and a bigger motor than almost anyone out there. Yes, he’s undersized, and yes, he’s had knee problems in the past, but at the 26th pick he’s got real good value. The guy’s an amazing offensive rebounder. With him, Thomas, and Noah, we’d have one of the best young rebounding front courts in the league. And although he’s short, he can score on the block. Now I know he won’t be as effective in the NBA against taller defenders, but he’d still give us some low-post presence. For the last couple years, we’ve had no one who could play with their back-to-the-basket, and we still don’t. Stupid to pass him up.

Wayne Ellington

Wayne Ellington was also available. Ellington, the lights-out shooter, was still available, and we passed him up. I don’t care what the new GM says, I don’t think we’re keeping Ben Gordon. He’s gonna want too much money, and if somehow we were able to resign him, then we would probably trade away Hinrich (which I think would be a mistake, but that’s another argument). The point is, once BG leaves, we will need more guards. Salmons can move down to SG, but who will come off the bench? Ellington would have been a great bench player and BG replacement for us, and we passed him up.

Chase Budinger

Finally, Chase Budinger was still there too. I don’t think he would have been as good of a pick as Blair or Ellington, but I think he would have been a better fit than Gibson. He’s got some problems, like defense, but at the end of the day, this guy can play. He’s athletic, he’s generally a smart player, and he’s a great shooter. If we lose Ben Gordon, he would have been a great fit for our team. Salmons would move down to SG, and then Budinger would be a great back-up at both SG and SF. Giving us range and athleticism at the 2 and 3.

So there it is. The Bulls did okay, but not good. They got two good players, but I think they could’ve done better either by trading up or by selecting a better fit with their second pick. Overall, I give ’em a B-.

Buy This June 30th.

Okay, here’s the usual stuff. Caught this on 2DB. Another song off of Wu-Tang Chamber Music which is dropping June 30th. This album is going to be dope. I really want to go buy this now. This and the Reflection Eternal album are the two cds I’m most anticipating right now, and I’ll have this in my hands next week. Interestingly, it turns out this isn’t an official Wu-Tang album, which I thought it was. According to DX, RZA has stated this is not really a Wu album. Here’s what he said,

I think the [‘Chamber Music’] title is very fitting. This music is totally in the chamber, or in the mind-frame of Wu-Tang like in the [Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)] days. But it’s not a Wu-Tang album. The whole Clan’s not on this album. But it couldn’t be in any other category but Wu-Tang.

Even though it’s not official Wu-Tang, it’s still dope as hell. I’m sure to be getting this when it drops.

Evil Deeds– Ghostface, RZA, and Havoc

Heard this today on 2DB. I don’t know this Novel guy, but Shake’s right. This song is dope. Definitely check it out.

Suspended Animation– Novel feat. Ced Hughes

Comics and Daytona

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I saw some pretty crazy comics this last week. Check ’em out.


This is just weird. Haha. I almost drowned once. I don’t think I had an out-of-body experience, but it was really weird and kinda trippy.


Haha. This comic is creepy and weird. I love SMBC comics.

Saw this on CIDU.

Another weird and trippy one.

Domestic Abuse 6/23/09 (off of DCR)

Depressed Lubricant

I have no comment. I’m speechless. If you liked these, remember to click the pics for more comics.

Freddie Joachim & Question’s album Study Guide will have a limited CD run available July 15. Definitely check it out.

On illroots, I caught this track from Kid Daytona, 6th Sense, and Bun B. 6th Sense’s production is crazy. In the beginning it almost reminded me of Come Clean, but really the beat’s completely different and really unique. It sets the vibe and then the Kid and Bun B kill it. A really dope song. Look out for Kid Daytona’s upcoming album Come Fly With Me.

Air Born– The Kid Daytona feat. Bun B

Hot, Hot Mixtapes

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Haven’t posted in a couple days. Just been busy playing basketball and recording music with my friends. I was supposed to work today, but some stuff fell through, so instead I’m blogging. Man, it has been crazy hot lately. Like two weeks ago, it was so cold. Like 50 degrees in the first week of June. But now, it’s like 90 everyday. It’s unreal. A little hotter than I like it to be honest. But it’s cool.

The last two days I’ve gotten ice cream to cool off after playing basketball. Have you been to Baskin Robbins lately? It’s ridiculously expensive. It’s like $2.50 for one scoop. Highway robbery. Today I just got a soft serve scoop for 88 cents. Can’t afford anything else.

Anyways, tons of mixtapes came out in the last couple days. I’ve been too busy to give them a real listen, but I’m going to soon. They’re supposed to be really dope.

Back To The Feature

Here’s Wale’s latest mixtape, Back To The Feature. I’ve never really been blown away by Wale, but everyone loves the guy, so I’m gonna give him another chance. This is supposed to be a real good mixtape, so I’m excited to listen to it.

B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray

B.o.B.’s new mixtape came out too. Definitely something to give a listen. I can’t wait to hear this. B.o.B. (aka Bobby Ray) is a really talented dude.

And here’s the radio hit from the new artist K’Jon. His album, I GET AROUND, will be out August 4. It’s a real smooth R&B track. I’m not in love with it or anything, but it’s pretty nice. The beat reminds me a little of “Lost Without U.”

On The Ocean– K’Jon

Caught this on 2DB, a great track from One-2. Great beat, hook (sung by Blacthoven), and One-2 kills it. It’s off his upcoming EP.

Real With It– One-2 (prod. by Komplex)

And here’s one more track from Incoming Message, the Son of Ran and Messangers album. It’s a great album. Excellent production. Son Of Ran’s a real talented, down-to-earth artist. Be sure to support hip hop and check out this album on his myspace.

Heart Breakers- Son of Ran

Oh, and here’s this old video that my friend just showed me. This kid is crazy. His grandma has some sense, but this kid needs some help.


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So my internship started yesterday. I work for this urban farming/gardening company/social enterprise. It’s pretty cool. Everybody’s real nice, and the atmosphere’s pretty laid back. Anyways, they gave me a radish to take home, and that’s always cool.

The Warm Up

Here’s another cool track off of J. Cole’s new mixtape. Lights Please is one of my favorite tracks on The Warm-Up. It’s a pretty creative track. I can’t think of a track I’ve heard that’s like this. Definitely check it out.

Lights Please– J. Cole

Saw this on 2DB. I’m a big Guilty Simpson fan, so I had to post this. This is a cool track like all of his other stuff. I like him because of his voice and the laid-back vibe he gives off. It’s kind of the same reason why I like Bun B. But anyways, here’s the track.

Feel It– Guilty Simpson (prod. by MiSia)

Wu Tang Chamber Music

Found this on 2DB too. Dang, this album sounds better and better. It’s a collaboration between Wu Tang and the Revelations, a funk band. All of the songs have been strong, and it’s always cool to hear from Inspectah Deck. Wu-Tang Chamber Music drops June 30th and sounds like it’ll be dope. I’m thinking about picking this up. I didn’t get Blackout 2 (though I was tempted), but this sounds too good to miss.

Kill Too Hard– Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Ace

And finally, here’s a track I heard on WYDU. Really cool track. I haven’t heard much about Paten Locke, but the song’s real cool. He’s got an album, Super Ramen Rocketship, coming out this summer. Be on the lookout.

Break Thru– Paten Locke

Also, I know I haven’t posted a video in awhile. Just was busy with school, finals, and then summer. But for sure, I’ll post a video blog next week. See ya.


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Cheap shoes.

Got these adidas for $50. Nothing great, but I think the shoes are pretty nice for the price. I’d like something better, but now’s not a good time to spend $100+ on shoes. These’ll have to do. On a brighter note, my shot’s getting a little better too. All thanks to Pistol Pete.

The Warm Up

Anyways, this is a great mixtape. Definitely check it out. J. Cole is real nice, and he’s someone to watch in the next few years. If you haven’t heard him before, make sure to download the mixtape. Here’s a track to give you an idea what he’s like. The introspective Can I Live is a good introduction to JC and reveals his motivations for rapping.

Can I Live– J. Cole

Here’s something I found on 2DB. A new track from Diz Gibran, who released that amazing free album a couple months ago, Soon You’ll Understand. Just like that album, this track’s pretty hot.

Dark End of the Street– Diz Gibran (prod. by Moonshine)

By the way, I finally got my hands on a copy of Son of Ran’s Incoming Message. The cd is tight. Messangers have some great, soulful beats, and Son of Ran is a great emcee. From that documentary, it sounded like this cd didn’t sell too well, and that’s a shame. Here’s one of many cool tracks on the cd. If you like it, definitely check out his myspace and support Hip Hop.

What Matters- Son of Ran

In Need of Shoes

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I played basketball today. I definitely need new shoes. My shoes had no traction. It was partly because it was a terrible, dusty indoor court, but it was also because my shoes are done. I need to get some new shoes. I’d like something nice, maybe Zoom Kobe IVs or Jordan CP IIIs, but there’s no way I can afford any of that. I’ll be going to some discount shoe stores tomorrow and pray for a miracle. Maybe I’ll find some Zoom Kobe Is or something. Anyways, here’s some cool comics from the last week.

Amazing Superpowers

Haha… just like Jumanji, except even more dangerous. (Click for a bigger and better pic)


Dang I feel slow. This one took me longer than it should have.

Caught this on CIDU.


Wednesday, June 24: Machines begin their way on humanity. Thursday, June 25: Terminator. You see, it  makes perfect sense. Once the robots become self-aware, they will worry about their big butts and lack of muscle definition. To solve this, they will make themselves look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Click the pics for more comics.

The Warm Up

Yeah, I’m a little late on this, but it’s worth posting anyways. If you don’t know J. Cole, then you’ve definitely got to give this a chance. I first heard him on the song Grown Simba, and the guy’s pretty cool. I haven’t listened to this yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be dope. Get this mixtape.

And here’s a song I caught on FH. Reks is cool, and I always like listening to Statik Selektah tracks. This isn’t one of my favorite SS beats, but it’s still nice. Reks brings the lyrical heat and creates an interesting song. Check it out.

I Too America– Reks (prod. by Statik Selektah)