A Morning Glass of O’ Jay

Had another final this morning. Don’t think it went that well, but then again, at least I didn’t almost get hit by a car. Got lots of work to do today. Can’t wait til school’s over. Summer’s so very close.


As you all know, Jay Stay Paid comes out today. The J Dilla tribute album put together by Pete Rock and Ma Dukes. It’s pretty sweet. Check out the HipHopDX review here. Here’s one of the many cool beats.

A crazy soundscape right? It’s cool how some producers, J Dilla especially, but also others like Madlib, make such beautiful, intricate, unique beats that they sound complete even without a verse. Doesn’t sound like anything’s missing.

You know how much I love DOOM, so I had to show this too. Be sure to support hip hop, and buy this album. Here’s another J Dilla track leaked yesterday that I caught on 2DB.

Make It Fast– J Dilla feat. Bun B and Termanology



caught this Nero track on illroots. This is the first song off Alive and Vibrant: Propaganda. Nero’ll be releasing more tracks in the next few weeks. This is a real cool track.

Lots Of Lovin’– Nero feat. TreaZon & J.Rockwell

oh and just for fun, two of my favorite Dilla joints ever…


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