Finals, Jay Z, Mos Def

Alright, I haven’t posted in the last couple days. What can I say? It’s finals week. Had a final this morning in American Government. Didn’t go too bad. The essay question was just like “talk about democracy, liberty, and equality,” so it was pretty easy to just make stuff up.

Had a final paper due tomorrow, Harlem Renaissance vs. Black Arts Movement, but luckily it got extended a day. So time to waste a day and worry about it tomorrow. Also just got the last paper from that class back. I just can’t do anything right, the teach doesn’t like my writing. I think she got really mad when I criticized black nationalism, but whatever. So here’s some stuff to hold you over. I’ll try to post again in a couple days, but no promises. I got this school work to finish first.

Yeah, this is a couple days old (couple years in internet time). But you know I gotta put this up. It sounds pretty good, so maybe Blueprint 3 will be good. I didn’t listen to much of the American Gangster/Blue Magic cd, and I really didn’t like the album before, so hopefully Blueprint 3 will be something special.

D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)– Jay Z (prod. by NO ID)

One of the many cool songs off of Brooklynati. Get it if you haven’t. Sounds like a sample off of Fly Me to the Moon, which is awesome because I’m a Sinatra fan. But anyways, one of my favorites on the cd. Definitely give it a listen, and make the full purchase if you like it.

Bang N Boogie – Tanya Morgan

Here’s a beautiful shoe I saw on Evil Collector. Simple and classic colorway. Air Jordan 5s. Perfection.

Here’s something else that’s beautiful that I caught on Sole Collector. Dang these are beautiful shoes. I used to be a big Addidas guy, but kind of went away from it the last couple years. But shoes like that make me want to come crawling back. I love looking at these shoes, but they just remind me how much I need to buy new shoes with money I don’t have. Click the pics for more info.

Also, I listened to the Mos Def cd, The Ecstatic. It’s pretty cool. Very weird, very Mos Def. I think I’m gonna go ahead and buy a real copy and maybe also Marco Polo and Torae’s Double Barrell, because I keep hearing good stuff about that too. Here’s a track to give you an idea what you’re in for.

Pistola- Mos Def


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