I’m Back…

All right. I’m sorry. Finals ended for me on Wednesday. But I’ve been too busy sleeping and living since then to post anything. Well anyways, I’m so glad finals are over, but in a few ways I’m not glad school’s over. Can’t believe another year’s gone. I’ll be in the real world soon. I’m screwed.

But anyways, summer’s here. And I love summer. Unpaid internship is cool in a way, but sucks in a lot of ways too because I’m a little strapped for cash, but I’ll figure out something. But damn. Summertime. Basketball. Music. Friends. Can’t wait. So here’s random stuff from the last week. I’ll be sure to post more consistently now. That’s a promise.

Here’s something cool from Kenny Fresh. You know that cool soul song “Roses” on Mos Def’s album, The Ecstatic? Well in case you don’t…

It’s a beautiful song, but I didn’t know who the singer was. Well anyways, her name’s Georgia Anne Muldrow. She’s got an album, Umsindo, that’s coming out July 14th. You can already tell she’s talented, so if you want to hear more, be sure to check out her album. Here’s a sample, courtesy of Kenny Fresh.

E.S.P.– Georgia Anne Muldrow

A cool song caught on 2DB. It’s Donny Goines, who you know I love from his last mixtape. The track’s from Numonic’s album Being Cool Doesn’t Pay the Bills. Anyways, this is another good track featuring Quest. Remember QuESt’s There’s Only One Month Left will get out June 28th and Broken Headphones will be out July 28th. Sure hope it’s worth the hype. But he’s a talented guy, so I’ll wait and see. Check out this track.

Let The Rain Fall– Donny Goines feat. QuESt

Here’s some comics from the last week. (Sorry they’re late.)


Yup, you know I love SMBC. This sure brings me back to my preteen existentialist phase…



Cleats, caught off DCR. Last night I went to a party on a farm. Now I got these bug bites all over. Damn it…

The Ol' Sex TalkI remember those too. It’s like SMBC knows my whole life. Remember to click the pics for more comics.

And here’s some crazy videos I saw on M&C.

Suco de Laranja 100% fruta (from hardcuore.com)

Suco de Laranja 100% fruta


And one more thing, a really cool track from Sandpeople’s latest EP Long Story, Short… Just like “Money Is On Their Minds”, this a dope track. A real hard beat with seven of the ten members spitting on it. No chorus, no hook, just lyrics. Ethic, Sapient, OnlyOne, ILLmaculate, Mo-B, iame, and Gold all bring it. Definitely check out the track and support Hip Hop.

Strands– Sandpeople


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