Summer Love…

First days of summer were pretty good. Just hung out with friends and played some basketball. My internship work will start Thursday, but it should be interesting. I gotta enjoy every free hour of summer until then.

Found this on 2DB. A cool summer track from Camp Lo. A smooth and funky track. The hook just makes me want to sing along. Definitely check it out.

Summer Love– Camp Lo

Caught on illroots. Here’s a Lupe Fiasco track from We Are Lasers. If you’re a Lupe fan, you gotta get this. At least for me, I get a little antsy during the months in between the albums. This is a cool song, but not great IMO. I like Matthew Santos, but this song is a little too much Santos and not enough Lupe. I think I’ll probably like L.U.P.End more than We Are Lasers, but I’m definitely checking both out.

Shining Down– Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos

I put up some music from Pseudo Slang a couple of weeks ago. Well today their album, We’ll Keep Looking, comes out. If you like the jazzy feel they have, definitely check it out and SHH. If you’re not sure, here’s another track off their album. Called Bedouin because of their touring lifestyle, Emcee Sick perfectly complements this understated jazz beat.

Bedouin– Pseudo Slang

Here’s some beautiful shoes I’ves seent recently…

I first saw the Adidas Drop Top in Medium Lead/Royal at Sole Collector. These shoes are beautiful. I love that Medium Lead color, and the color way perfectly fits the shoe. Simple, but dope. Anyways, these’ll drop for $90 this summer. You should get ’em. Will I? Probably not, but not cause I don’t want to.

Saw these on EvilCollector. Mr. Cartoon + AF1s = awesome shoes. These shoes look crazy. Especially love the webs. As always, click the pics for more info and colorways. I’ll see ya.


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