Cheap shoes.

Got these adidas for $50. Nothing great, but I think the shoes are pretty nice for the price. I’d like something better, but now’s not a good time to spend $100+ on shoes. These’ll have to do. On a brighter note, my shot’s getting a little better too. All thanks to Pistol Pete.

The Warm Up

Anyways, this is a great mixtape. Definitely check it out. J. Cole is real nice, and he’s someone to watch in the next few years. If you haven’t heard him before, make sure to download the mixtape. Here’s a track to give you an idea what he’s like. The introspective Can I Live is a good introduction to JC and reveals his motivations for rapping.

Can I Live– J. Cole

Here’s something I found on 2DB. A new track from Diz Gibran, who released that amazing free album a couple months ago, Soon You’ll Understand. Just like that album, this track’s pretty hot.

Dark End of the Street– Diz Gibran (prod. by Moonshine)

By the way, I finally got my hands on a copy of Son of Ran’s Incoming Message. The cd is tight. Messangers have some great, soulful beats, and Son of Ran is a great emcee. From that documentary, it sounded like this cd didn’t sell too well, and that’s a shame. Here’s one of many cool tracks on the cd. If you like it, definitely check out his myspace and support Hip Hop.

What Matters- Son of Ran


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