So my internship started yesterday. I work for this urban farming/gardening company/social enterprise. It’s pretty cool. Everybody’s real nice, and the atmosphere’s pretty laid back. Anyways, they gave me a radish to take home, and that’s always cool.

The Warm Up

Here’s another cool track off of J. Cole’s new mixtape. Lights Please is one of my favorite tracks on The Warm-Up. It’s a pretty creative track. I can’t think of a track I’ve heard that’s like this. Definitely check it out.

Lights Please– J. Cole

Saw this on 2DB. I’m a big Guilty Simpson fan, so I had to post this. This is a cool track like all of his other stuff. I like him because of his voice and the laid-back vibe he gives off. It’s kind of the same reason why I like Bun B. But anyways, here’s the track.

Feel It– Guilty Simpson (prod. by MiSia)

Wu Tang Chamber Music

Found this on 2DB too. Dang, this album sounds better and better. It’s a collaboration between Wu Tang and the Revelations, a funk band. All of the songs have been strong, and it’s always cool to hear from Inspectah Deck. Wu-Tang Chamber Music drops June 30th and sounds like it’ll be dope. I’m thinking about picking this up. I didn’t get Blackout 2 (though I was tempted), but this sounds too good to miss.

Kill Too Hard– Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Ace

And finally, here’s a track I heard on WYDU. Really cool track. I haven’t heard much about Paten Locke, but the song’s real cool. He’s got an album, Super Ramen Rocketship, coming out this summer. Be on the lookout.

Break Thru– Paten Locke

Also, I know I haven’t posted a video in awhile. Just was busy with school, finals, and then summer. But for sure, I’ll post a video blog next week. See ya.


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