Hot, Hot Mixtapes

Haven’t posted in a couple days. Just been busy playing basketball and recording music with my friends. I was supposed to work today, but some stuff fell through, so instead I’m blogging. Man, it has been crazy hot lately. Like two weeks ago, it was so cold. Like 50 degrees in the first week of June. But now, it’s like 90 everyday. It’s unreal. A little hotter than I like it to be honest. But it’s cool.

The last two days I’ve gotten ice cream to cool off after playing basketball. Have you been to Baskin Robbins lately? It’s ridiculously expensive. It’s like $2.50 for one scoop. Highway robbery. Today I just got a soft serve scoop for 88 cents. Can’t afford anything else.

Anyways, tons of mixtapes came out in the last couple days. I’ve been too busy to give them a real listen, but I’m going to soon. They’re supposed to be really dope.

Back To The Feature

Here’s Wale’s latest mixtape, Back To The Feature. I’ve never really been blown away by Wale, but everyone loves the guy, so I’m gonna give him another chance. This is supposed to be a real good mixtape, so I’m excited to listen to it.

B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray

B.o.B.’s new mixtape came out too. Definitely something to give a listen. I can’t wait to hear this. B.o.B. (aka Bobby Ray) is a really talented dude.

And here’s the radio hit from the new artist K’Jon. His album, I GET AROUND, will be out August 4. It’s a real smooth R&B track. I’m not in love with it or anything, but it’s pretty nice. The beat reminds me a little of “Lost Without U.”

On The Ocean– K’Jon

Caught this on 2DB, a great track from One-2. Great beat, hook (sung by Blacthoven), and One-2 kills it. It’s off his upcoming EP.

Real With It– One-2 (prod. by Komplex)

And here’s one more track from Incoming Message, the Son of Ran and Messangers album. It’s a great album. Excellent production. Son Of Ran’s a real talented, down-to-earth artist. Be sure to support hip hop and check out this album on his myspace.

Heart Breakers- Son of Ran

Oh, and here’s this old video that my friend just showed me. This kid is crazy. His grandma has some sense, but this kid needs some help.


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