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Broken Headphones: DL and Quick Review

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Letting summer get in the way of summer class. This is not good. It’ll take a miracle for me to get an assignment done by Friday. We’ll see…


Haha. That’s kinda where I’m at in my summer class. Damn it. I gotta figure something out.


The health care system under Obama. Be sure to click the pics for more comics.

Anyways, here’s a sweet song I caught on 2DB a couple days ago. It’s from Statik Selektah’s upcoming album 100 Proof. Statik Selektah is one of my favorite Hip-Hop producers. Simple classic beats. The song’s got Sean Price, another guy I like, and overall its pretty dope.

Critically Acclaimed-Statik Selektah ft. Lil Fame, Saigon, & Sean Price

Broken Headphones

It’s finally out. After months of waiting, QuESt’s highly anticipated mixtape is available for your listening pleasure. Get it here.  I’ve only gone through it once so far, so here’s  my initial impressions. Pretty cool, but not worth all the hype. A good mixtape but I wouldn’t say it’s worlds better than J. Cole’s, Donny Goines, Pac Div’s, and the other awesome mixtapes this year.

If you’re a QuESt fan, you’ll love it. If not, it may not win you over because it’s the same typical QuESt vibes. The guy’s really into those simple, understated backdrops filled in with somber, introspective rhymes. There’s some cool songs, but some of them sound too similar, and maybe it’s just me but his flow gets played out sometimes. Anyways, solid mixtape, but not mind-blowing. I’ll be sure to feature some of my favorite tracks in the days ahead.

Check it out.


Back from England

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My family went on vacation to England and just got back yesterday. It kinda sucked that I couldn’t go, but I really had some stuff that I had to do back home. Anyways, they got back with lots of souvenirs and treats, and it’s been awesome. I’m rockin’ a Beatles shirt today and eating some Turkish Delights. It’s pretty sweet.

Anyways, here’s the new single from Jay Z’s upcoming album. The song is pretty good, and it has Rihanna and Kanye, so you know it’s gonna be huge on the radio. Lyrically it’s not that great, but it’s a radio hit, so you can’t expect too much (some people would argue about this). Some have said that Kanye killed Jay Z on this one, but I don’t know. Neither was amazing, and I thought Jay’s flow was pretty dope, so I think he held his own. I know a lot of people hate Rihanna’s voice, but they are obviously the minority, because every Rihanna song explodes on the radio. So here it is, what do you think?

Run This Town– Jay Z feat. Rihanna and Kanye

And here’s an unreleased song from Kid CuDi. It’s weird like most of his other stuff. Some are saying it’s could be the intro to his album, and it sounds like ti could be. Not bad, but nothing really special either. Just unique with that CuDi sound.

Call Me Moon Man– Kid CuDi

Caught this cool video on M&C. Some people are saying it’s annoying, but iunno, I think Willard nails it. It’s one video of a series of Fedex fake infomercials. I think this is the best one, but if you like this, you should check out the others.

And have to finish it off with some beautiful shoes.

The perforated black leather, white mid sole, and Cerulean blue perfectly come together. Simple. Understated. Beautiful. Pretty much sums up the AJ 1 in general.

Time’s running out.

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So busy with internship and everything else, so I’ll just cut to the important stuff.



Caught on DCR

Also funny.

From Evil Collector, I know some people don’t like these. But to me, Bape and Ghostbusters will always be awesome, so this collab is definitely cool.

From Sole Collector, sweet Rising Sun Jordan 12s. A really cool and subtle design. The insoles are also awesome. Remember to click the pics for more comics and more info on the shoes.

Track from Ghostface’s upcoming album, Wizard of Poetry. It’s supposed to be R&Bish. I think it’ll be awesome. I just hope there isn’t too much autotune. Wu Tang + autotune just feels wrong to me. Link from 2DB.

Baby– Ghostface feat. Raheem DeVaughn

Here’s a cool song from OJ Simpson, the new group made up of Madlib and Guilty Simpson. Judging how awesome the Simpson/Dilla collabs were, I’m pretty sure this will be some crazy stuff.

Coroner’s Music– OJ Simpson (Guilty and Madlib)

Here’s a cool video from Jabari interviewing J. Cole. He seems like a really cool, down-to-earth guy. And here’s a CDQ version of one of my favorite J. Cole song’s Lights Please. Courtesy of 2DB.

Lights Please– J. Cole

Alright I gotta go. Homework due tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon. Really been meaning to make a video blog. But got a damn time crunch rite now.

Make Her Say Music Video

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Just caught this yesterday. The new Kid Cudi music video.

A sweet video. Really simple but fits the song and the artist perfectly. So far I’ve loved the Kid Cudi singles (though I’m getting sick of Day N Nite). Hopefully the album is consistently this good. The guy’s pretty unique, and I can’t wait to hear Man on the Moon. Anyways, I gotta go.

Procrastination and a ton of videos

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Alright, I meant to post this stuff up yesterday. Damn procrastination. Anyways, today I got to go to my internship. I’m working on a community garden on the south side. Afterwards, I may play basketball with my boss. Hopefully my small amount of skills haven’t completely deteriorated. I haven’t played in a couple weeks, and I’ve definitely lose the shaky shot I had before. But whatever, I’m gonna play today and own my boss. I’ll try to dunk on his face.

Church League Champions

Okay, well the new Pac Div mixtape, Church League Champions, just came out. Haven’t had a chance to listen to it. But it’s probably dope. Be sure to check out their website, and here’s a promotional video:

Here’s a sick Finale Freestyle I heard. In case you don’t know him, he’s a talented MC outta Detroit. His album, A Pipe Dream and a Promise, was pretty dope. Well, anyways, here’s his freestyle. It’s hot stuff. The beat is real cool, and Finale shows why he’s one of the game’s up-and-comers.

It’s Mine– Finale (prod. by Havoc)

And here’s a song I caught on 2DB a couple days ago. It’s Mayer Hawthorne and Children of the Night. Mayer Hawthorne’s this real interesting singer on Stones Throw. He kinda has an old school sound to him. Anyways, he’s unique and I like his stuff. It took me awhile to get used to it, but now I really like it.

Maybe So, Maybe No– Mayer Hawthorne (feat. Children of the Night)

Here’s his most known song and also another song I really like of his. That old school sound is pretty awesome. If you like it, remember that his debut album, A Strange Arrangement, will be out 9/09/09.

I also caught this very weird video on 2DB this morning. It’s Cee-Lo, Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, Travis McCoy, and Janelle Monae. It’s a weird collection of people, a weird song, and a weird music video. Just imagine Gnarls Barkley meets Sesame Street. Anyways, although it’s kinda weird, it’s also very dope. Definitely check out if you’re a Cee-Lo fan. I’m also a big Janelle Monae fan, so I’m loving this song. Apparently it’s some promotion for Coca Cola, which is pretty lame, but in the end, the music’s still good. Just like the refreshing drink. Just kidding. *pockets his Coke advertising money*

Comics on the late.

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Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Here’s some comics from the last week.

Amazing Superpowers

Fortune Cookies

Damn it. I want to post these on my blog, but the comics are just too big. Definitely click for a bigger pic. I play that game with my friends all the time. It works over 90% of the time. If you’ve never tried it, you gotta do it the next time you get Chinese. It’ll be awesome…or this could happen.


Kissing Dead Girls

Haha. It’s weird because I was talking about this with my friends a couple days ago. We figured out a new way to gauge a girl’s attractiveness. If she was in a magic slumber, would you kiss her or just let her sleep forever? Haha.

Dope Megatrons.

Saw these on Sole Collector. Nike just released some new Transformer Nikes. They got Megatrons, Bumblebees, and Soundwaves. They are all dope, but the Megatrons and Soundwaves are the nicest. Definitely click the pic to check out the others.

Yin Yang shoes

These were on SC too. Beautiful Ying Yang TS Lightning Creators. Unfortunately, they’ll only be sold in Asia, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I don’t have the cash anyways. I really wanted to get a pair of these to ball in, but couldn’t afford it, so I wound up buying some cheap old shoes.


Saw this on 2DB a couple days ago. A leaked track of Rakim’s upcoming album, The Seventh Seal. Can’t wait, but I can’t help feeling that I might get disappointed. The guy’s a legend, and Paid In Full is like rap canon. The guy’s a rap saint. The cd he released a year or two ago was cool, but it doesn’t hold up like the old stuff does. It’s kinda like seeing Michael Jordan playing on the Wizards. It’s not cool to see legends get older. But whatever, I’m sure it’ll be dope.

Holy Are You– Rakim

Also caught this on Fresh Selects. It’s a song from Shafiq Husayn’s (of Sa-Ra Creative Partner) album Shafiq En A Free Ka. The music is pretty out there in a good way. Definitely not for everyone, but give it a listen.

Lil Girl– Shafiq Husayn feat. Fatima

One lazy Sunday afternoon…

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Should have more time in the coming week. The cd I’m making with some of my friends is almost done. It doesn’t sound any good, but it’s good for us. Finally I’ll have a product after months of work. The last couple weeks I’ve been scrambling to finish up all the recording, and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t blogged much. Here’s one of my favorite tracks on the cd. Let me know what you think. It’s not great, but we’re working on it.

Gotta Get PaidBarbaloots feat. Katrina

Anyways, here’s some real music I’ve heard in the last couple days. The first is a new Drake joint that just got leaked off a mixtape online. I caught the CDQ version on 2DB. Supposedly it’ll be on Drake’s album, Thank Me Later. It was getting some mixed reviews on DX, but I don’t know, I think it sounds pretty good. Drake’s really bringing it right now. For all the talk there was about Asher Roth, I think Drake’s way more talented and is gonna sell way more cds.

The Winner– Drake

Heartbreak Drake

The track was off of a newly released Drake mixtape, Heartbreak Drake pt. 2. I’m not sure if these are all new songs, but it is some never before heard stuff, so check it out.

And last but not least, a new track from Andre 3000. The rapper you wish never quit but did anyway. I hope this is a sign of things to come, because Andre 3000 is one of the most unique, creative rappers ever. For real, I’d love to hear more new music from the guy. Anyways, I found this track on illroots and it’s off of Purple Codeine Vol. 25

Lookin 4 Ya– Andre 3000

by the way, here’s a track w/ Andre 3k from a couple years ago that instantly reminded me how much we needed him back in the game.

Damn, I love that track.