No time for anything.

Wow, I just have no time at all. And the blog’s really suffering. Today I was in the city from 9-9. It was brutal. I’m really tired, but I had to get this out first. Here’s some comics from the last week.


So that’s how the Jonas Brothers do it…


Those sharks are jerks.

Amazing Superpowers

Click the pics for more comics.

Caught this on Evil Collector

Real nice looking shoe. Clean design and simple colorway. The other colorways look pretty sweet too. Especially the black one. This is the Fusion 4, one of the AF1/Air Jordan fusion shoes. Be sure to click the pic for more colorways.

Monsters Ink

Here’s a track I caught a couple days ago on 2DB. I just haven’t had time to post it. It’s a track from Monsters Ink (Dynas, Lex One, Mike Beatz, and Streets Buchanan). From their upcoming mixtape, Ink Made Me A Monster, which comes out on July 21st.

Epic– Monsters Ink

Buy This.

Oh, by the way, I bought Wu-Tang Chamber Music, which doesn’t make any sense because I have no money. Like zero money. But I loved the leaks, and it got a great review from DX. I saw that it was only 9.99 on with free shipping, so I just bought it. It was dumb, but I couldn’t resist. I’ll be sure to review it once I’ve got it in my hands. Also, my life should slow down a little in the next week or so, so hopefully the blogging will get more consistent. See ya.


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