Comics on the late.

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Here’s some comics from the last week.

Amazing Superpowers

Fortune Cookies

Damn it. I want to post these on my blog, but the comics are just too big. Definitely click for a bigger pic. I play that game with my friends all the time. It works over 90% of the time. If you’ve never tried it, you gotta do it the next time you get Chinese. It’ll be awesome…or this could happen.


Kissing Dead Girls

Haha. It’s weird because I was talking about this with my friends a couple days ago. We figured out a new way to gauge a girl’s attractiveness. If she was in a magic slumber, would you kiss her or just let her sleep forever? Haha.

Dope Megatrons.

Saw these on Sole Collector. Nike just released some new Transformer Nikes. They got Megatrons, Bumblebees, and Soundwaves. They are all dope, but the Megatrons and Soundwaves are the nicest. Definitely click the pic to check out the others.

Yin Yang shoes

These were on SC too. Beautiful Ying Yang TS Lightning Creators. Unfortunately, they’ll only be sold in Asia, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I don’t have the cash anyways. I really wanted to get a pair of these to ball in, but couldn’t afford it, so I wound up buying some cheap old shoes.


Saw this on 2DB a couple days ago. A leaked track of Rakim’s upcoming album, The Seventh Seal. Can’t wait, but I can’t help feeling that I might get disappointed. The guy’s a legend, and Paid In Full is like rap canon. The guy’s a rap saint. The cd he released a year or two ago was cool, but it doesn’t hold up like the old stuff does. It’s kinda like seeing Michael Jordan playing on the Wizards. It’s not cool to see legends get older. But whatever, I’m sure it’ll be dope.

Holy Are You– Rakim

Also caught this on Fresh Selects. It’s a song from Shafiq Husayn’s (of Sa-Ra Creative Partner) album Shafiq En A Free Ka. The music is pretty out there in a good way. Definitely not for everyone, but give it a listen.

Lil Girl– Shafiq Husayn feat. Fatima


One Response to “Comics on the late.”

  1. yes! the Shafiq/Fatima album is nuts. Wait till you hear the album, there’s so many different directions he goes in on the album…

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