Time’s running out.

So busy with internship and everything else, so I’ll just cut to the important stuff.



Caught on DCR

Also funny.

From Evil Collector, I know some people don’t like these. But to me, Bape and Ghostbusters will always be awesome, so this collab is definitely cool.

From Sole Collector, sweet Rising Sun Jordan 12s. A really cool and subtle design. The insoles are also awesome. Remember to click the pics for more comics and more info on the shoes.

Track from Ghostface’s upcoming album, Wizard of Poetry. It’s supposed to be R&Bish. I think it’ll be awesome. I just hope there isn’t too much autotune. Wu Tang + autotune just feels wrong to me. Link from 2DB.

Baby– Ghostface feat. Raheem DeVaughn

Here’s a cool song from OJ Simpson, the new group made up of Madlib and Guilty Simpson. Judging how awesome the Simpson/Dilla collabs were, I’m pretty sure this will be some crazy stuff.

Coroner’s Music– OJ Simpson (Guilty and Madlib)

Here’s a cool video from Jabari interviewing J. Cole. He seems like a really cool, down-to-earth guy. And here’s a CDQ version of one of my favorite J. Cole song’s Lights Please. Courtesy of 2DB.

Lights Please– J. Cole

Alright I gotta go. Homework due tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon. Really been meaning to make a video blog. But got a damn time crunch rite now.


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