Back from England

My family went on vacation to England and just got back yesterday. It kinda sucked that I couldn’t go, but I really had some stuff that I had to do back home. Anyways, they got back with lots of souvenirs and treats, and it’s been awesome. I’m rockin’ a Beatles shirt today and eating some Turkish Delights. It’s pretty sweet.

Anyways, here’s the new single from Jay Z’s upcoming album. The song is pretty good, and it has Rihanna and Kanye, so you know it’s gonna be huge on the radio. Lyrically it’s not that great, but it’s a radio hit, so you can’t expect too much (some people would argue about this). Some have said that Kanye killed Jay Z on this one, but I don’t know. Neither was amazing, and I thought Jay’s flow was pretty dope, so I think he held his own. I know a lot of people hate Rihanna’s voice, but they are obviously the minority, because every Rihanna song explodes on the radio. So here it is, what do you think?

Run This Town– Jay Z feat. Rihanna and Kanye

And here’s an unreleased song from Kid CuDi. It’s weird like most of his other stuff. Some are saying it’s could be the intro to his album, and it sounds like ti could be. Not bad, but nothing really special either. Just unique with that CuDi sound.

Call Me Moon Man– Kid CuDi

Caught this cool video on M&C. Some people are saying it’s annoying, but iunno, I think Willard nails it. It’s one video of a series of Fedex fake infomercials. I think this is the best one, but if you like this, you should check out the others.

And have to finish it off with some beautiful shoes.

The perforated black leather, white mid sole, and Cerulean blue perfectly come together. Simple. Understated. Beautiful. Pretty much sums up the AJ 1 in general.


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