Dope Joints to Kick Off August

Damn it’s August. Can you believe it? I can’t. This is a big month for me. I have a lot of things going on. Some good, some bad. All I know is it’s gonna be an eventful month. Only problem: I’m running real low on money right now, and it’s definitely going to get worse before it gets better.

Alright, caught this on 2DB. A new joint from Kidz In the Hall. Double O provides the cool electronic beat, and Naledge brings that Chicago swag. Their album last year (last year or two years ago?) was pretty cool. Not mind-blowing, but definitely better than it sold. It had some sweet songs on it, especially that Rakim-sounding one. But anyways, this is a dope song. Beat, flow, hook? Check. Check. Check. Now check it out.

Flickin– Kidz In The Hall

Just saw this review on DX. Willlie Isz’s Georgiavania. It’s a real unique album from Khujo Goodie and Jneiro Jarel. I haven’t heard it all yet, but it’s pretty cool. Here’s one of my early faves. Every song sounds different, but this song exemplifies their willingness to think outside the box. A really sweet Irish-themed beat. I feel like riverdancing to this stuff. If you like it, definitely check out the rest of the album and SHH.

Broken HeadphonesQuESt just remastered Broken Headphones, so click the pic for the new version. As promised, here’s one of my favorite songs off of the mixtape. Here’s one of those QuESt songs where everything comes together. The beat’s understated with a somber sound to it, and QuESt waxes poetic with his deep, introspective rhymes. There are some similar songs on the album, but this is one of the best at what it does. Then when you add the fact that it samples “Moments in Love” one of the coolest songs of all time, you gotta a pretty sweet joint. Give it a listen, and then dl the rest of the mixtape.

A Little More Time– QuESt

And finally, here’s another song off 2DB. It’s from The Knux, who also had a sweet album last year. I liked the first tracks I heard, but unfortunately I never bought it. It just came at a bad time when money and time were nonexistent. But we’ll see, maybe I’ll be able to cop their next cd. Anyways, this is a cool track. I really love this beat. If I had to describe it in three words? Hot. Hard. Fresh. And damn, it sounds like they’ve improved their flow and lyrics from the last time I heard them. I might just have to get their next album. Check it out.

Fuck You– The Knux


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