Deep-Fried Comics

Not super busy, just not spending enough time online. Anyways, I had an eventful week, and now we’re coming up to the Deep Fryer Fiesta. Y’see, every year, me and some friends have a deep fryer fiesta. We get a deep fryer, fill it with oil, and then fry tons and tons of food. It’s disgusting and unhealthy, but I love it. Hopefully I’ll eat healthy for a long time afterwards. This year we’ve got lots of stuff planned including the old standbys like fries, onion rings, falafel balls, but also some new stuff (for us) like corn dogs, fish balls, calamari, and asparagus. Damn, I’m really excited about the asparagus.

The Deep Fryer: Creator of French Fries, Heart Attacks, and Good Memories

French Fries, Heart Attacks, and Good Memories

To be honest, I can’t wait. The DFF is crazy. We play mariachi music and Tex Mex/Durangese stuff as well as eat tortilla chips with salsa. This year we’re also featuring a salad bar. Because this meal is a heart-killer, and we felt we should add one healthy item. We also might have some more health-conscious (i.e. smarter) guests, so we got the salad bar.


I went to the Chicago Wizard Comic-Con last weekend. I’ve been going every year since I was in 8th grade, and it’s always pretty sweet. Saw some weird people in interesting costumes. Stood five feet away from Ernie Hudson (the black Ghostbuster) and heard him talk about a possible threequel. Got a free Ray Park-autographed poster. It was fun. I also saw lots of comics, which I like. I’m not the stereotypical super geeky comic book fan, but I do like buying comics, and I got some sweet deals.


I’d like to say something funny right here, but those fries just reminded me of the fiesta. Haha. Anyways, click the pics for more comics. You may notice that I put up SMBC and Rubes more than any other comics. There’s 2 reasons for that. 1. I like them more than other comics, and 2. I don’t got the time to look at that many comics.

Cop This!

Haven’t got a chance to hear this yet, but I bet it’s sick. DX gave it a pretty good review (considering they give almost everything a 3.5), so I’m definitely about to check it out. They are all super talented emcees, so I’m excited to hear it. Definitely listen and then support hip hop.

Here’s a sweet song from Jern Eye’s upcoming album, Vision. Jern Eye’s an upcoming emcee from Oakland. I don’t know much about him, but unlike their football team, he doesn’t suck. (Sorry, I hate Al Davis.) Anyways, this song is dope. Produced by DJ Vinroc and featuring verses from Roc C and Nightclubber Lang, it’s pretty tight.

Blowin’ Up– Jern Eye feat. Roc C and Nightclubber Lang

Also, here’s a sweet song I caught on Nahright. It’s got Sean Price, so you know it’s hard. DJ Honda does his thing, and the beat is smooth and eerie in a cool way.

D.R.E.A.M.– DJ Honda feat. Sean Price


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