Got a paper to write…

Alright. I got a big paper due this week, so this is definitely the first and last post I’ll be doing for a couple days. Check out the comics and the music… Geez I should be doing my paper right now.


Haha. These comics are always ridiculous. The stupid male scientists are always a recurring theme. Apocalypse or too many kinds of soap? It’s a harder decision than you think.


Yes, it is a duck. I don’t get this one either, but it’s so random and weird that I love it.


Haha. Story of my life. Click the pics for more comics.

Saw these sweet Toxic Sea Robin SBs on Evil Collector. Check out those lime green soles. Crazy colorway. Anyways, click the pic for more info.

Less Than Zero

Here’s the single off the upcoming Paulie Rhyme mixtape, Less Than Zero. Like The Wind is a cool track produced by Rey Resureccion. Keep your eye out for the full mixtape.

Like The Wind– Paulie Rhyme


2 Responses to “Got a paper to write…”

  1. karkaputto Says:

    you know what i don’t like about smbc, it’s too repetitive. it’s like the same joke over and over.
    you should check that out. i applied to be a daily cartoonist and that’s one of the cartoons on my application.
    this is jim by the way. reading your blog is like getting personally serenaded by steve wilson.

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