Done! Done! Done!

Finished my final paper two days ago. I hope it was okay. Summer school is officially over. Now I’ve finally got a few weeks of summer break. This weekend I’m going on a roadtrip. Gonna hit all the big Illinois schools: Uof I, ISU, Eastern, Western, SIU. It’s gonna be pretty crazy, but it’s also going to be pretty expensive. Definitely gonna spend more money than I can afford to spend, but I’ll figure something out. No way I’m gonna skip this trip. So here’s some ridiculous comics over the past week.

F Minus

Haha. That crazy balloon guy. If I ever get rich, I’m definitely going to grow a mustache, get a monocle, and then buy hundreds of balloons. I’ll travel the world and have crazy balloon adventures.

Bliss (off of DCR)

Damn. If only I was as tall as Frankenstein… then I’d probably be a little better at basketball.


Hah. That’s awkward. I hate it when stuff like that happens. I might have made the same mistake because it does looklike she’s gotta little big foot in the oven. Click the pics for more comics.

I didn’t post an SMBC comic this week (though there were some funny ones), but check out this SMBC video.

Here’s a video from Fresh Daily. A listening session covering his song Starter Pistol. The song sounds pretty cool. It’s produced by DJ Spinna, so you know the beat is dope.

If you like this, definitely check out Fresh Daily’s The Gorgeous Killer in Crimes of Passion and also DJ Spinna’s Sonic Smash. By the way, here’s another cool Fresh Daily Listening Session.

I’ve been listening to these two songs I’ve caught off of 2DB. The first is a new joint from Kooley High. The awesome group outta Carolina. These guys always put out some real music. This song’s also got some great production. Real feel-good, summertime music. Check it out.

Can’t Go Wrong– Kooley High

And this is a sweet new song from Diz Gibran. Ever since I heard Soon You’ll Understand, I can’t get enough music from this guy. Diz goes hard as usual, and Moonshine provides a fitting beat with some heavy horns.

Show n Prove– Diz Gibran (prod. by Moonshine)


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