Back Again

Got back last night from a road trip with some friends. It was awesome, exhausting, and crazy, and now I’ve got some great stories. We stopped over at ISU, U of I, and Eastern, and then we spent the weekend at SIU.

Golden Corral

Of course we had to stop at Golden Corral. I ate so much I thought I’d explode. Fried chicken, fish, spaghetti, rice, and some fried okra to top it off.  Thinking about it makes my mouth water. Haha.

I had one friend who got so messed up one night, that he stole a mailbox, and then walked around telling people that he was a mailbox head. He was completely gone. It was ridiculous.

Just Like This Guy

Anyways, here’s an awesome video I saw on Flawless Hustle showing how DJ Khalil made the beat for the Clipse’s “Kinda Like A Big Deal.” DJ Khalil is a really talented guy, and he’s produced some of the best songs in the last year. It always astounds me how the best producers make producing look so easy.

Blueprint 3

And here’s a new leak from Jay Z’s The Blueprint 3 (courtesy of 2DB). The whole album’s been leaked online if you’re interested in hearing it, but be sure to give support when it officially comes out. I haven’t heard the whole thing, but word is that it’s not as good as we all hoped. I’ll reserve judgement til I hear all the tracks. This particular track, “A Star Is Born,” is alright. The beat is dope, but I get kinda tired of Jay Z’s parts. The only reason I’m putting it up here, is because J. Cole kills it. J. Cole is really bringing it, and I can’t wait to hear his first full-length.

A Star Is Born– Jay Z feat. J. Cole


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