So Many CDs…

Still pretty busy, and I can feel summer coming to a close. It’s a drag. Anyways, this is a crazy video I watched on FOD.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That video is messed up. It’s got some weird parts, and overall it’s pretty funny. Zachary Quinto’s the man. He’s awesome as Sylar in Heroes, and he was pretty cool in Star Trek too. Speaking of Heroes, I can’t wait for the next season. The last couple seasons have been pretty bad. The stories have gotten kinda convulted and stupid, but I’m hoping it will get better. It was starting to improve a little after the end of last season and maybe it can build on that momentum. I love fall TV, or more specifically, I love Heroes, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and football.

Should I buy this?

Should I buy this?

The next few weeks are also amazing for Hip-Hop. This week The Blueprint 3 and OB4CL2 come out. The So Far Gone EP and Man On The Moon: The End of Day come out next week. Mayer Hawthorne’s A Strange Arrangement also comes out on Tuesday, and I’m definitely getting that. That’s five cds in two weeks. Definitely can’t afford to spend that much money on music. I know for sure that I’m going to buy KiD CuDi and Mayer Hawthorne’s albums. I gotta figure out how many more I can buy.

Or maybe this?

Or maybe this?

Here’s a track off of Raekwon’s OB4CL2 that I caught off of 2DB. This song will be on the European release of the album. And like all of the other songs I’ve heard so far, it’s dope. I’ve heard at least 7 or 8 of the tracks, and they are all fire. I’ve heard about the same amount of tracks from Blueprint 3, and they’ve been good, but not as good. Regardless, I want to get both cds. I’m not sure which one I’ll get tomorrow.

Walk Wit Me– Raekwon

Before today, I wasn’t sure what I was going to buy next week either, but I’ve figured it out now. I’m going to definitely buy KiD CuDi’s Man on the Moon, and I’m going to skip Drake’s So Far Gone EP. I was thinking about getting Drake’s cd, but I realized I already had most of the songs. As for KiD CuDi, I’ve loved some of his music, but I was still unsure if I wanted the cd. I had no idea what a full-length album would sound like. Today I heard a lot of the new tracks, and now I’m sure. This album is going to be very good, and I’m going to cop it Sept. 15th.

Man On The Moon: The End of Day

I got this first track off of 2DB. It’s pretty cool.

Soundtrack 2 My Life– KiD CuDi

I found this second song on illroots. It’s supposedly going to be CuDi’s third single. Also very dope.

Pursuit of Happiness– KiD CuDi

This third song is a radio rip of a really awesome song called “Enter Galactic” (courtesy of 2DB). CuDi premiered the song during his interview with DJ Semtex. Can’t wait til I can get a CDQ version of this. Hopefully I won’t have to wait until next Tuesday.

Enter Galactic (Radio Rip)- KiD CuDi


3 Responses to “So Many CDs…”

  1. Fuck all this shit, get the Mayer Hawthorne

    • Hah, like I said, I’m definitely getting the Mayer Hawthorne. I pre-ordered it a couple days ago. I’m just figuring out what else I want.

  2. my favorite song of Kid Cudi is “day and night” i just love that song “

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