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New days, new classics from Blu & Exile

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Meant to post a couple days ago, but I got a dang paper I needed to write. Finally finished it, but it’s too long. I gotta figure out some way to shorten it because I got 2 pages 2 much.

My Life In Hong Kong

I got big plans this weekend. Going out and clubbing tonight. Haha. Ever gone clubbing in Hong Kong? It’s pretty cool. They play a lot of US stuff like Sean Kingston and Pitbull, so I’m dancing to stuff I know. And all the Asian people are friendly and it looks like they’re thinking, “Hey! It’s a white guy!” So tonight should be cool. Tomorrow I got a sweet biking trip planned in the New Territories, which might be exhausting, but it’ll be worth it. Then Sunday I got dim sum for lunch and going to Macau Casinos at night. This is it. The weekend. Last weekend in Hong Kong before I fly to Beijing. It’s gonna be bananas. Haha. Unfortunately, I also got a lot of homework I need to do by Tuesday. Dang it. That’s what I get for procrastinating I guess.

First, here’s a track I caught on FH. It’s nothing super original or different, but damn it just sounds good. Archie Eversole and Ray Lavender made a radio song done right. The hook’s all smooth and milky like Hershey chocolate, and Archie goes hard. Guilty pleasures if you know what I mean.

Keep Winning– Archie Eversole feat. Ray Lavender

Another song I heard earlier this week was the new single from Cunninlynguists, Running Wild. It’s a dope song. Dope beat, dope verses, dope hook. Nothing else to say. I love Southern Hip Hop. I usually don’t like Southern Rap, but it’s different with Southern Hip Hop, i.e. Goodie Mob, OutKast, Nappy Roots. I LOVE Southern Hip Hop. I hate to admit it, but I don’t listen much to Cunninlynguists. I’ve always heard good things, but I’ve just never gotten into them. I’m gonna look into this, a shame that I’m sleeping on a real Southern Hip Hop group.

Running Wild– Cunninlynguists feat. E-40 and Evidence

Though I love Southern Hip Hop, the last couple years most of my favorite Hip Hop has come from one place, Southern California. Blu, Exile, Freddie Joachim, Son of Ran, TiRon, UNI, Pac Div, etc… Last week and now this week two Southern Cali HH albums are coming out. Both are great, and if you haven’t listened to much music from Southern Cali, you gotta educate yourself.


This came out last week. Sene’s A Day Late and a Dollar Short, entirely produced by the one and only Blu (AKA GODlee Barnes). I just listened to this thing in its entirety, and it’s a unique album. Sene is a talented emcee, and Blu gives hims some crazy beats to work with. Now, Blu doesn’t produce as well as he spits, but he’s definitley a competent beatsmith, and he’s made some really interesting soundscapes. Some of these beats are what I call ultra-retro. It makes retro sampling sound like future sounds. You don’t normally hear beats and songs like this. A simple, unique, honest Hip Hop album. If you want to hear classic Hip Hop with a unique feel, check this out. Recommended. 4/5.

Here’s some tracks leaked over the last couple weeks. This is a fun, up-tempo song which perfectly exemplifies current Southern Cali Hip Hop. Good vibes and dope verses.

Please Don’t Rain– Sene feat. Kissey Asplund

This is my favorite of the leaked tracks and one of my favorites on the album. Another example of SCHH. Productions, vibes, chorus. Fun times on a sunny day. That’s the only way I can describe it. Perfect chillin, summer, driving music. Roll down the window and let the moment seize me if you know what I mean. Too bad summer is pretty much over. Well maybe for you guys, it’s still nice here in Hong Kong. Haha.

WonLover– Sene

Now this is what I was talking about. A really unique song, in my mind at least. Some ultra retro sampling which lays the foundation for a dope song. Like the rest of ’em, this is a song I can relax and smile to. California is where Hip Hop lives and breathes. If you like all of this, definitely check out this cd and support some real artists. When I first heard these, I was starting to get this “Below The Heavens” feeling. Once I heard the whole thing, it wasn’t quite so(ul) amazing, but definitely worth your money and time.

everydejavu– Sene


This album is amazing. I really liked A Day Late and A Dollar Short, but I LOVE this album. At least now. I’ve only gone through it a few times, but I’m really feeling it right now. Fashawn’s new album, Boy Meets World, is coming out this Tuesday. The cd was entirely produced by Exile, so that should be enough for you. You should cop this the second it comes out. The production is really good, that shouldn’t surprise you. But Fashawn completely holds his own. He has some real, serious ability. Each time Exile brings out a doper beat, Fashawn crafts an amazing song. Honestly, this is one of my favorite albums this year. Hands down. I’m not going to say Best Album of the Year or anything, because it’s not like I’ve heard every album this year, so how can I can say that? But it is one of the best I’ve heard. You need to buy this. You need to hear this. 4.5/5.

I want to let you hear some of these tracks, but I got too much respect for this album to leak anything before it comes out. Maybe next week.

I still remember the first couple times I played Blu and Exile’s Below The Heavens. In my opinion, it’s a modern classic. I loved that cd, and I still play some of the tracks constantly. Afterwards, I started listening to more Exile because he’s an amazing producer. But at the same time, I always thought of Below The Heavens as more of  a Blu than Exile accomplishment. It’s just the classic emcee bias. I heard Johnson & Jonson, and it wasn’t as good, but it was enough proof to me that Blu was the major force in Blu & Exile. But now hearing Fashawn’s new album, I don’t think that way anymore. Exile is at least just as talented and just as responsible for the masterpiece that is Below The Heavens.

Both guys are crazy talented, and this week you got a chance to cop projects from both of them at the same time. Be sure to support some real artists.


Blast From The Past

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So tired. Wednesdays are my worst days of the week which is really weird, because they used to be my easiest days. I got too much garbage to do.

So I know this little kid, you know, cuz I work at a school. Well anyways, she’s a cool kid, but she’s kinda weird. She just listens to really old music. When ever I see her on the computer, she’s listening to the most random stuff. For instance, I’ve caught her multiple times listening to Will Smith’s Summertime as well as TLC joints. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just catches me by surprise. Today it seemed like she was in a New Edition mood today. She was listening to a lot of that today, including this.

The kid’s got good taste I guess. Anyways, I saw this sweet Exile video today. The guy’s a pro. Just makes it look so easy.

If you haven’t listened to his Radio album, you should. He made all the beats using samples from the radio. Anyways, here’s my favorite track off of Radio.

I think I might’ve put this on here before. But it’s worth putting up again. It’s art, and it’s soul. That’s all there is to it.

So I caught this song on 2DB today. This is one trippy song.  I love it. Plus it’s got Genius on it. Anyways give it a listen.

The Drop I Hold– The Black Lips feat. GZA


Lazy Tuesday

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Not much going on today. Got some work to do, but not too much. So it’s just a slow, relaxing day. I have even less to do tomorrow. I love the first couple weeks of the quarter, when I just push back homework and readings. The relaxing weeks before I realize that my procrastination is going to screw me over.

As promised, here’s another great track off Blame One’s Days Chasing Days. It’s the title track, produced by Exile and featuring Aloe Blacc and Beleaf.

Days Chasing Days- Blame One feat. Aloe Blacc & Beleaf (prod. by Exile)

Like everything you’ve heard from Exile, the beat’s fantastic. Everyone does their job on the verses, and the hook’s pretty great as well. One of the many solid tracks on the cd.

so when I die can I return as a glass of water

to quench the thirst for wisdom for my son and daughter

and maybe they can see the glitch in the maze

que sera sera, til then days chasing days

Here’s another track off of Asher Roth’s upcoming album (courtesy of illroots). If these tracks are any indication, his cd is gonna be fire. Be sure to check it out.

Be By Myself- Asher Roth feat. Cee-Lo

Oh yeah, last thing, I got some reading material for ya. Here’s an article by Ishmael El on HipHopDX. It’s really interesting stuff about the nature of hip hop music and its relation to commercial success.

Feeling good.

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Well I had my interview today. Surprisingly, it went pretty well. I tried to be confident and charming and all that, but I thought I just came off as average. Then the guy said he liked me and made it sound like I was very likely getting the internship. THAT’S CRAZY. I wasn’t sure if it would go that well, but it actually did.

Afterwards, I tried to find this hot dog place I used to eat at on Madison. But I couldn’t find it. Did it close down? Does anybody know what I’m talking about? Damn that sucks. I hadn’t been there in a couple years (I don’t go to the city often enough), so I had no idea it was gone. After some walking, I found another place and got a gyros w/ fries. And all was good.

Deliciousness Incarnate

Deliciousness Incarnate

 All in all, the day was pretty good.

Anyways, remember that Blame One song I was talking about awhile back? Well the whole cd, Days Chasing Days, came out awhile ago. It’s pretty great. Not amazing or groundbreaking or anything. But really solid all the way through. Pretty much what you’d expect from a Blame One album produced by people like Exile and Black Milk. There’s lots of great tracks, for instance Persevearance (produced by Black Milk).

There’s a lot of great tracks on the album, so I suggest you listen to the whole thing and then cop it if you like it. I’ll be sure to feature some more of the songs through the week.

Speaking of Exile, I just found this track on Fresh Selects. Courtesy of Kenny Fresh, it’s Blu rapping over “Love Line,” one of the beats from Exile’s instrumental album Radio. In case you haven’t listened to Radio, you got to. The guy’s an artist. I’m not going to enshrine him with Dilla or Premier, but I have never heard anything lackluster from the guy. All of his beats sound great. On Radio, the instrumentals were all made from sampling stuff off the radio, so some of the stuff’s a little out there. But regardless, the instrumentals are amazing. 

Anyways, “Love Line” is my favorite track on the cd, for sure. The beat’s incredible. I couldn’t help but rap over it hundreds of times. So when I hear there’s a version w/ Blu rapping over it, I couldn’t believe it. I was sure it was going to be the best track ever created. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that good. It’s a solid track, with Blu and Exile both doing their parts. I think my expectations were just a little too high. So listen to it and decide for yourself.

LoveLine(s),DedicatedToLastFe’vrier– Blu & Exile

Listen to this.

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Just heard this song and I can’t stop playing it. It’s Blame One with GODlee Barnes (Blu) providing the beat and Exile with a verse.
Listen to it.


Wonder Why- Blame One ft. Blu & Exile