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Alright. You know how this works. I post every once in awhile when I feel like it, and I hear something that I really want to talk about. Would be cool if I did this more regularly, but we’ll see.

So some new J. Cole came out yesterday. “LOST ONES.” It’s a dope song, and probably will be on the album in the fall. Unfortunately, it was an unauthorized leak, so it was taken off most blogs. But you can still hear it on youtube, if you haven’t had the chance yet. Anyways, this is a great song. THIS is the J. Cole I love. The lyrics, the great storytelling, and the real heart that comes through the words. The beat is pretty simple. Nice, but lets the words speak for themselves. And the words are powerful. Listen to it and tell me I’m wrong.

THIS is the J. Cole I hope I hear on the album. Who Dat? and some of those other songs are nice, but this is the kind of J. Cole music that I love. “Lost Ones” kind of reminds me of my first favorite J. Cole song, “Lights Please.” It’s got the same masterful storytelling knack that got me excited about J in the first place. Also, both songs use a relationship as the setting, but both hint at deeper issues, and use that setting to talk about those issues without sounding corny or preachy. They’re really interesting songs, “Lost Ones” a bit more powerful just because of its subject matter. But I’m telling you, this is getting me even more excited about the album. His last mixtape was nice, but not as nice as I was expecting. I hope he’s been saving the joints like this for the full album.

And I like the way he spoke through both people on “Lost Ones.” It made the song even more balanced, thoughtful, and provoking. Lets him show both sides, the concerns and anxieties of both, without picking a side until he says his piece in the last verse. That whole back and forth between the man and the woman brought to mind another classic hip hop song, “He Say She Say.” Man, I really loved that song when it came out. Loved the whole album actually. But that song was nice. How each verse subtly changed depending on perspective, some may say it was lazy writing, but I thought it was good music. And the way they talk to each other during the hook? Damn, that song was/is classic hip hop IYAM.

Finally, just because I feel like talking about more good music, this song has a few similarities to Blu’s “Good Life.” The first verses are especially similar as both rappers take similar approaches to the topic. I love that Blu song, and Exile’s production, but as of today, I like J. Cole’s new cut better. That’s just a deep, touching song. The lyrics are on point throughout and the song only gets better as it goes on. “Good Life” is still great, and that first verse has some really nice lines, but as a total product, J. Cole’s song is just more powerful.

Well anyways, that’s what I think. Which of these songs do you like the best?


Back Again

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Got back last night from a road trip with some friends. It was awesome, exhausting, and crazy, and now I’ve got some great stories. We stopped over at ISU, U of I, and Eastern, and then we spent the weekend at SIU.

Golden Corral

Of course we had to stop at Golden Corral. I ate so much I thought I’d explode. Fried chicken, fish, spaghetti, rice, and some fried okra to top it off.  Thinking about it makes my mouth water. Haha.

I had one friend who got so messed up one night, that he stole a mailbox, and then walked around telling people that he was a mailbox head. He was completely gone. It was ridiculous.

Just Like This Guy

Anyways, here’s an awesome video I saw on Flawless Hustle showing how DJ Khalil made the beat for the Clipse’s “Kinda Like A Big Deal.” DJ Khalil is a really talented guy, and he’s produced some of the best songs in the last year. It always astounds me how the best producers make producing look so easy.

Blueprint 3

And here’s a new leak from Jay Z’s The Blueprint 3 (courtesy of 2DB). The whole album’s been leaked online if you’re interested in hearing it, but be sure to give support when it officially comes out. I haven’t heard the whole thing, but word is that it’s not as good as we all hoped. I’ll reserve judgement til I hear all the tracks. This particular track, “A Star Is Born,” is alright. The beat is dope, but I get kinda tired of Jay Z’s parts. The only reason I’m putting it up here, is because J. Cole kills it. J. Cole is really bringing it, and I can’t wait to hear his first full-length.

A Star Is Born– Jay Z feat. J. Cole

Time’s running out.

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So busy with internship and everything else, so I’ll just cut to the important stuff.



Caught on DCR

Also funny.

From Evil Collector, I know some people don’t like these. But to me, Bape and Ghostbusters will always be awesome, so this collab is definitely cool.

From Sole Collector, sweet Rising Sun Jordan 12s. A really cool and subtle design. The insoles are also awesome. Remember to click the pics for more comics and more info on the shoes.

Track from Ghostface’s upcoming album, Wizard of Poetry. It’s supposed to be R&Bish. I think it’ll be awesome. I just hope there isn’t too much autotune. Wu Tang + autotune just feels wrong to me. Link from 2DB.

Baby– Ghostface feat. Raheem DeVaughn

Here’s a cool song from OJ Simpson, the new group made up of Madlib and Guilty Simpson. Judging how awesome the Simpson/Dilla collabs were, I’m pretty sure this will be some crazy stuff.

Coroner’s Music– OJ Simpson (Guilty and Madlib)

Here’s a cool video from Jabari interviewing J. Cole. He seems like a really cool, down-to-earth guy. And here’s a CDQ version of one of my favorite J. Cole song’s Lights Please. Courtesy of 2DB.

Lights Please– J. Cole

Alright I gotta go. Homework due tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon. Really been meaning to make a video blog. But got a damn time crunch rite now.


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So my internship started yesterday. I work for this urban farming/gardening company/social enterprise. It’s pretty cool. Everybody’s real nice, and the atmosphere’s pretty laid back. Anyways, they gave me a radish to take home, and that’s always cool.

The Warm Up

Here’s another cool track off of J. Cole’s new mixtape. Lights Please is one of my favorite tracks on The Warm-Up. It’s a pretty creative track. I can’t think of a track I’ve heard that’s like this. Definitely check it out.

Lights Please– J. Cole

Saw this on 2DB. I’m a big Guilty Simpson fan, so I had to post this. This is a cool track like all of his other stuff. I like him because of his voice and the laid-back vibe he gives off. It’s kind of the same reason why I like Bun B. But anyways, here’s the track.

Feel It– Guilty Simpson (prod. by MiSia)

Wu Tang Chamber Music

Found this on 2DB too. Dang, this album sounds better and better. It’s a collaboration between Wu Tang and the Revelations, a funk band. All of the songs have been strong, and it’s always cool to hear from Inspectah Deck. Wu-Tang Chamber Music drops June 30th and sounds like it’ll be dope. I’m thinking about picking this up. I didn’t get Blackout 2 (though I was tempted), but this sounds too good to miss.

Kill Too Hard– Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Ace

And finally, here’s a track I heard on WYDU. Really cool track. I haven’t heard much about Paten Locke, but the song’s real cool. He’s got an album, Super Ramen Rocketship, coming out this summer. Be on the lookout.

Break Thru– Paten Locke

Also, I know I haven’t posted a video in awhile. Just was busy with school, finals, and then summer. But for sure, I’ll post a video blog next week. See ya.


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Cheap shoes.

Got these adidas for $50. Nothing great, but I think the shoes are pretty nice for the price. I’d like something better, but now’s not a good time to spend $100+ on shoes. These’ll have to do. On a brighter note, my shot’s getting a little better too. All thanks to Pistol Pete.

The Warm Up

Anyways, this is a great mixtape. Definitely check it out. J. Cole is real nice, and he’s someone to watch in the next few years. If you haven’t heard him before, make sure to download the mixtape. Here’s a track to give you an idea what he’s like. The introspective Can I Live is a good introduction to JC and reveals his motivations for rapping.

Can I Live– J. Cole

Here’s something I found on 2DB. A new track from Diz Gibran, who released that amazing free album a couple months ago, Soon You’ll Understand. Just like that album, this track’s pretty hot.

Dark End of the Street– Diz Gibran (prod. by Moonshine)

By the way, I finally got my hands on a copy of Son of Ran’s Incoming Message. The cd is tight. Messangers have some great, soulful beats, and Son of Ran is a great emcee. From that documentary, it sounded like this cd didn’t sell too well, and that’s a shame. Here’s one of many cool tracks on the cd. If you like it, definitely check out his myspace and support Hip Hop.

What Matters- Son of Ran

In Need of Shoes

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I played basketball today. I definitely need new shoes. My shoes had no traction. It was partly because it was a terrible, dusty indoor court, but it was also because my shoes are done. I need to get some new shoes. I’d like something nice, maybe Zoom Kobe IVs or Jordan CP IIIs, but there’s no way I can afford any of that. I’ll be going to some discount shoe stores tomorrow and pray for a miracle. Maybe I’ll find some Zoom Kobe Is or something. Anyways, here’s some cool comics from the last week.

Amazing Superpowers

Haha… just like Jumanji, except even more dangerous. (Click for a bigger and better pic)


Dang I feel slow. This one took me longer than it should have.

Caught this on CIDU.


Wednesday, June 24: Machines begin their way on humanity. Thursday, June 25: Terminator. You see, it  makes perfect sense. Once the robots become self-aware, they will worry about their big butts and lack of muscle definition. To solve this, they will make themselves look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Click the pics for more comics.

The Warm Up

Yeah, I’m a little late on this, but it’s worth posting anyways. If you don’t know J. Cole, then you’ve definitely got to give this a chance. I first heard him on the song Grown Simba, and the guy’s pretty cool. I haven’t listened to this yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be dope. Get this mixtape.

And here’s a song I caught on FH. Reks is cool, and I always like listening to Statik Selektah tracks. This isn’t one of my favorite SS beats, but it’s still nice. Reks brings the lyrical heat and creates an interesting song. Check it out.

I Too America– Reks (prod. by Statik Selektah)