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Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. I’ve been sleeping on the Weeknd. But it’s all right, because I’ve finally been educated. This music is too, too, TOO DOPE. Whoever the Weeknd is (heard he’s from Canada), he knows what the hell he’s doing. It’s definitely got its own style, and it’s own vibe, but if I had to compare it to someone contemporary, I’d say it’s got some similarities to The-Dream. This is some silky smooth, velvety, gooey, sugary, drunk, naked stuff. Ain’t no girl in the world who wouldn’t vibe to this. Perfect soundtrack playas, everyone needs to get a copy.

I’d heard of the Weeknd before. Listened to a song or two, and thought it was pretty tight, but didn’t really give it a second thought. Then I checked out this unofficial (but officially hot as hell) music video today, and I realized how sick this music is. Like I said, the guy’s got a great voice, The-Dream-esque. But the production is always on point too. There’s this understated, minimal thing going on with lots of the beats. Simple, bare, echoed. Haunting and sexy. Reverb that’ll drive your girl up a wall. It’s really good.

Sometimes there’s this 80s thing going on with the beats too. Damn, probably my favorite R&B EP I’ve heard in a LONG TIME. The-Dream’s got some songs, but every song on this thing is killer. And I’d listen to this over Trey Songz, any day, every day. Lots of R&B these days is just SEX. And hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can get old fast. This is more than just sex. Watch that video again (you were going to later anyway). This is DESIRE. This is blood-red, passionate, biting, scratching grooves. Sometimes, great music can go deep by stripping stuff back, and going simple. That’s what the Weeknd does. This is hot, sweaty, wet stuff.

Alright, I know how late I am on this. But whatever, get the FREE EP here. You won’t be disappointed. And neither will your girl.


Another lame weekend.

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I got a 16 page essay due next week. Damn it, this is just like last weekend. Thankfully next weekend will be spring break, and this cycle of essays will end.

By the way, I’m gonna study abroad in China in the fall. It’s gonna be awesome. I kinda also wanted to study abroad in Japan because I think Japan is cooler. Also, I can speak a little Japanese, kinda. I can’t speak any Chinese, so I don’t know how I’ll get around in China. But anyways, only the Chinese program fits in w/ my major, so the study abroad office only approved me for that one. So I don’t really have a choice in the matter anymore. I’m going to China.

Jackie Chan = Coolest Thing from China

Jackie Chan = Coolest Thing from China

So I’ll be sure to post videos and pictures and stuff while I’m there, but that’s still months away.

Here’s some sweet music I’ve been listening to lately:

First one is Invincible feat. Tiombe Lockhart (courtesy of Fresh Selects). I heard a song by Invincible last year and it was nice. This song is also awesome, so give it a listen. Her voice, flow, lyrics gel w/ the beat like crazy. A real strong track.

Ropes- Invincible feat. Tiombe Lockhart


Next song you might actually hear on the radio. Off of The-Dream’s new album which sounds pretty nice. You might remember him from last year’s “Falsetto.” Apparently, he’s written some hits for lots of different R&B artists, so the guy’s talented. This song in particular, I like. Can’t get the chorus outta my head.

When they ask about JB, you say put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down

When they say does he make that blog real sweet? you say put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down

Are his videos any good or wack? you say put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down

Well, is he better than crack? you say put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down….